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Friday, April 29, 2005

Well, it's blog time.
Monday...what had I done...hmm...orh...woke up very early.Now then I realized that my timetable was schduled that every odd days of the week I have lesson on 8a.m.
I had biology practical on tuesday.The lecturer's expression looks really like she's gone through lots of bloody cutting of bodies that she appeared emotionless to me.Made me thinks of Creeps again.Anyway, I cleared some thought by studying the PLASTIC bones specimen.The beginning of tutorial was making me bored but when the lecturer mentioned about blood vessels, I started to have energy.Turning point.
Attended sex talks on Wednesday.It was a last minute thingy, which I truely hate it to core. Some skipped the talk but I am a "han ji" person; went for it.I did the surverybefore the talk started because they were late for about thirty minutes. Jovell and Charlene was sleeping soundly in the theatre while I was sitting back, enjoying the air-con.One person told me that the skid was shot in NYP, no wonder so familiar.Then they "shared" some picture and harmfulness of the STD.Discussed abit with Germin. Took Mrt with Shawn, Joo, Jiayong and Carman to Khabit, leaving poor carman behind while Jiayong ran over to join his friends. Joo's mashed potato was kinda spoil so she was given a new one.Chatted while "accompanied" them home.Bought some Pasar Lamah stuff upon reaching home.
Clinical lab by Rosy Tay on thursday; learned to take B/P. First she said I had put the telescrope wrongly then after that said I pressed too soft to feel the pulse.Darm, it was making me pressure.Now I feel so uneasy when she passed by me to chack how I take B/P.By the way, specially thanks KEL for the credit for helping to return my CBTL's uniform whereby his lunch was delayed till 4.30p.m. Sub-group meeting afterward.Booked discussion room in library.HOT!They never put any fans neither air-con in the room. Ran through the skid that was meant for next wednesday's presentation.Took bus home with Joo and she kept on(not on purpose) tapping the Ez-link thingy.
Friday=Happy day because the lesson ended early.Dozed off during the first lecture, so I listened to my mp3 to keep me awake for second lecture.I was searching high and low for Joo for my money.Anyway gave up because of my date with Kel. Met at his house then had lunch together.Then he went for hair-cut at EC house while I took a walk. Then went to his workplace to collect payment slip.Spent an hour at the comic shop renting comic and realized it was an M18 comic after finish reading it.I think of a very cold question-which made you become naughty boy?Guess Guess Guess and leave answer in my tagbox.
Took bus home again and was plucking the white hair on Kel's head.It made me think of days whereby I plucked Karin's white hair.Same hair characterist...so many white hair.Bought dinner using Kel's money at Pasar Lamar before heading home.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

My first school weekend finally came...It was like days passed very fast;I never expect I was dying for the weekend to come in the first few days of school start.I was tired everyday after school.Made a few friends in my NR0525 and hanged up with Charlene, Jovell, Germaine and Vania.We are talking about shit nowadays, even when we having lunch.
In nursing, basically we need to take biology.Again.Studied about bones now but this time the lecture notes had no diagram at all.I think I need to photocopy some pages from textbook or internet.Then got fundamentel of nursing, whereby the lecturer was always making me sleepy, and psychology plus some nursing thingy.
I received Tony's call yesterday.He told me someone complained about me when I was working at Taka.EXCUSE ME!I DIDN'T GO TO TAKA TO WORK BEFORE.Must be someone wants to harm me.Or, CBTL don't want to give me my 15 days pay.Don't give me pay,FINE!I didn't do anything so I am not afraid at all.And those who harmed will get their retribution plus money is not everything on earth, can earn slowly.
I woke up at 12.30 today.I was working hard on my slimming aim.Ate fruits and drink water.Go on a walking trek. But hard work went to drain at night.I was eating Cavana for dinner and went to Pasalama to buy food with Kel.This is call power of love because I was so carefree with kel that I always cannot help myself.
Listened to Pace Wu and Fiona Sit's latest ablum. Pace Wu's voice made me think of Sun Ho.Their voice have some similarities. I prefer Fiona Sit.Maybe because her voice sound more qing qie to me.

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Friday, April 22, 2005

I watched creeps with Kel this late afternoon.It is a violence and bloody show.This woman missed the last train and was calling for help. However, terror started to occur when her friend, who was trying to rape her, was attacked by some 'strange' forces. In the end, she dicovered the serial murder was done by a freak, who had been trapped in the underground(wall) of the train station.According to the how the story goes by, I assumed that the freak was created from those aborted babies.In other words, he was actually "saved" by a doctor who had tried to give lifes to those aborted fetus.But it was so terrible if the "reborned" ended up like this, the doctor should have sent him to a orphange for education and a living.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Due to eating like there's no tomorrow at Sakae Sushi and NYP plus other time, I had now became a 3 fleshy fat girl.My stomach is bloated with shit and rubbish now.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Orientation.A boring and stupid part of programme.Of all lessons, classes and programmes I went for, orientation is the most that I dislike, or rather, hate most.
I walked to Khatik as a morning walk that made me 15 minutes late to NYP.But I reached there, there was also a huge crowd registering so it didn't affect much to the orientation.
A considered "quite nice" goodies bag was given to me before proceeding to my group- NR0525. I was separated from my secondary schoolmates due to the large intake this year.Alone, lonely in a very quiet and "cold" group.
Went to listen to introduction.The whole thing ended at 12p.m.I was exhausted and the talk by numerous unknown people didn't allure me.I fell asleep half way through.Luckily, I was not the only one and I didn't drip neither snore.Woke up when the entertainment show started, only the skid interested me; don't mention about others.
During lunch, I knew three girls in my group- Jovel, Van and Jas.Chatted a lot with Jovel because we are sitting together.Then the group played ice-breaker.This was when I knew that there were 4 to 5 girls from China, 5 chinese girls, 4 to 5 malay girls, 3 boys and 2 senior nurses in my group.
After the ice-breaker, talks again.I think I cannot go for talks by those "highly respected" people.Their talks is just sleeping time to my body althought my inner self persuade me not to.
Then the treasure hunt.I just follow the group and didn't participate.Saw joo, rohani and weilong during the game.I chatted abit with Weilong. Then I lost with my group.How stupid am I!No wonder people say I am very funny.
Finally coming to an end.Their prize was textbook, that cost sixty dollars.What a bomb!I think I need ask people to give me some if not I will really broke.

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

I got my pay!And today is my last day in CBTL.Bought some snacks for the CP and SPEC's staff as token of appreciation.Thanks...Nana also treated me lunch for my resignation.So touched!
Hunted for bag with Kel after work.Didn't have any good harvest and had our dinner at Ajisen.The staff asked me about the new noodles, dumbfounded and anyhow replied.Bought a black blouse at U2 sales.
My sis came back from taiwan and bought a shirt.Good, I can wear it tomorrow.She also bought chocolate that came in the shape of condem for my bro.My bro reacted calm then a bit of delight.Slow reaction.
Tomorrow is my orientation.I think it will be same again-listen to don't know who talk, then go look at the school, introduction to class or rather group...

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Just woke up from a nap...ZzzzZ...
Second last day of work.Sucks to core due to GY customers.Trainner P came but I went at the time she came.Never expected she came so late; everything in mess at that time, scam.I think she will cut off a lot of points.
Went to AMK to meet Kel.Today is his last day of work but he will receive his pay later this month.He promised to buy me addidas pink bottle.Hooray!
Tomorrow's pay day.I can use the pay to buy bag or maybe, a handphone.I am longed to change a new phone.I can also buy bag for Kel, he also wanted to get a new bag.The simple happiness of getting pay is so great.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Unusual tire today.Work at 10a.m still like that.
I slept on the train when going home.I think I had mastered the art of sleeping as I was standing up when sleeping.I kept my balance by using my forehead to lead on the wall.Maybe I should go learn some gong fu and become a master next time.Then next time maybe Yanlong will call be shifu instead.Hahaha...

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Long time never touch the computer...not mention my blog.
Spending money like never close the water tap.I am waiting for my pay.15 of the month...gonna to come soon.Anyway, I had told my OM that I am resigning from CBTL and friday will be my last day. In other words, I won't get my $160 training money since I never went for final test. But I was not that sad because I learned alot when I am working from CBTL.Not just how to make coffee, but also how hard to earn money.I also didn't suffered much when working at CBTL so it's ok.Huiling said just ask KB to give me the money for being his wife.
KB bought a new purse for me today(THANK YOU:P).I had already thinking of changing my wallet because the recent one is too big to squeeze in pocket.A pinkish wallet with a lot of cardholder.Go shopping with KB is great because he had a unique taste of fashion.We saw a bag that cost $55 and the shopkeeper said it is the only one in the shop.I think a bit too expensive because I changed my bag every half a year.But KB thinks it's worth to invest.
We went to Sun Plaza later as KB's contact lens got infection.It was the don't know how many pair he had thrown in a month.Bought a t-shirt, kawai!!!

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Reached home at 11 plus after work.I was an idiot.I took the wrong train again.This is my don't know how many times.Too bad, I am road idiot; no wonder I fail my geography so many times that I gave up the thought of studying it.
The mediacorp really got nothing to say.The show keep repeating and repeating.Every year got so many movies and dramas out.Are they really that poor?We pay everyday but all we get is repeated show.Must suggest this to the don't know what show by the Quan Yi Feng and Hse Zheng Rong.
My parents is really very thrifty.The shower head spoiled and they used tape to "repair".Today the tape came out when I was bathing.It was so shameful that I had to come out with just a towel covering my body and searching high and low for the stupid tape.My sister later still told her freinds about it....

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Finally watched one of my idol,Stephen Fung, directed movie, House of Fury, with Kel.Last time never watch enter the phoexin but never mind as I watched this as his part appeared more.This show got Twins...quite lame as what it is advertise.But the fighting was really shiok. Gill's acts was the best.After that, I went window shopping with Cat.Actually I wanted to buy top; didn't find any nice clothes.

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