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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Panther in crimeOpps...so we left a important clue!He cut his hair. Finally we asked someone to help us take.This is my third time piercing my navel.
I was told by the guy who help me pierce that people has fantasy against nurses.
I wonder...And he really talked alot when he knew I am a nurse.He is so quiet the first time he helped me pierce.And he kept on insisting I look down on him just because I saw his hands shaking a bit.
Well, I am not ok!
Listening to Tizzy Bac's songs today.
Liked the 如果看见地狱,我就不怕魔鬼
夜 深沉濃郁那麼黑 我不敢閉上眼入睡
我的寂寞變成魔鬼 在床邊
hen 我只好假裝看不見 我只好假裝有人陪
恐懼氣味太明顯 (太明顯)
我瑟縮在牆角 有人...
我不該窮緊張 這世界好大
還有恆星仰望 宇宙可以信仰
我的身體是個大房間 我自己卻不在裡面
生命裡幽暗好多 嚇壞我
對 大概就這樣失了魂魄 大概這樣才回不了窩
這是哪裡我是誰 (你是誰)
我瑟縮在牆角 有人在哭 哭聲卻很像我
窗外有人 到底有沒有人
我不該有懼怕 這世界好大
還有恆星仰望 宇宙可以信仰
我在夜裡破碎 天亮時憔悴 重複詛咒憂傷
I dont love you, not even miss you, not anymore.
我不該窮緊張 這世界好大
還有恆星仰望 宇宙可以信仰
我不想又在夜裡破碎 天亮時憔悴 就得重複
I dont love you, not even miss you, not anymore.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I know why I am so wanted to be a gangster girl.
It's because they have courage that I don't have.
Oh man,I want a tattoo that symbolise me and belonged only to me.
At work, people is being drives crazy by TPM(some annual evaluation stuff that also decide how much bonus we getting).The only tea room that has phone in the hospital.What course do you want to attend?With Irene.Shot 2.
Mr samuel, are you going to take photos with me?You have been saying for 3 days and yet you didn't!!!Why does guys like warcraft so much?(The XXX is under attack, holy shit...)See,走火入魔了。Very nice?Kelly loves to 吹吹风。You are just simply damn kawaiI!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kelly girl shot 1 & 2 plus 3 at last, number 4
Yesterday I was at bugis and board 961.I was really piss off with the four teenagers sitting at the back.The bus is packed with sardine and yet they occupy the five seats with one seat especially for the bags.If I were nearly to them, I really feel like telling their faces, asking whether their bags(one backpack and 1 plastic bag) paid for the seat.
Come on, if the bus is empty, I am alright they put their belonging on the seat which I does that too but are they blind?Can't they see people squeezing around, hitting each other?It just remind me of a incident that I was sending a trolley patient to ward and everyone is waiting for the lift.The minute the lift opened, there was this guy straight away walk inside the lift with the fastest speed he can.Come on, if I hit you, I need to write incident report which I didn't want to waste such time on such a inconsiderate fellow.Even his panther also feel not very good and walked upstair, so why can't he be a gentleman instead, climbing up the stair.After all, I felt comfortable to release.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

So many photos that actually stopped from updating...
Anyway, uploaded them in multiply.
Let's me start from OCBC marathron.
Anyway, how come I still haven't got money from OCBC?The morning crew from main first aid point.And poor ismail had to be a on-call runner.Staffs from DEM except the most famous "high" person.
Next is the pink party!
Jin long actually came in pink to matches the theme.And our long time no see----MR daniel goh.I didn't take any beers at all...I have become a good girl, only drink jolly shandy lychee or peach.
There's too many to say about taipei's trip.Look at the photos to conclude yourself.By the way, taiwan also has facebook!
And my boyfriend treat me aijisen since he described my taipei's trip as a vegetable that has been hacked(被砍菜头).And I bought him xiao xin's favourite.
That heartless eddy jiemei said it's a waste of money to buy cake for him!He finally got his armani belt.From taipei,xi men ding, I meant his shirt...but made in korea.
IT fair drew a crowd of people.Ms glutton nearly suffocated due to this.Introducing----cam cam!As a appreciation for his accompany.Must be secretly laughing at those people squeezing to enter to IT fair.Edited using cam cam.Random took by cam cam.And bro bought a new lappy.
A stupid pose to show that he waited for me until he went berserk.Missed out paris so ended up in shanghai.Tang dian wang.

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

I am back from my MIA with ms glutton.
I am not so keen to report work on monday, the BCLS re-cert.
Tons of photos to upload which includes taipei, ocbc marathron and some people's birthday.
Shall upload on tuesday since today I will be mugging and tomorrow afternoon shift.
In addition, I am so tire after clearing my luagge and tidying my table plus make-up.
Anyway, was listening to this song recently; one of the english sub song from the seventh day.
KATIE MELUA The Closest Thing To Crazy
How can I think I'm standing strong?
Yet feel the air beneath my feet.
How can happiness feel so wrong?
How can misery feel so sweet?
How can you let me watch you sleep?
Then break my dreams the way you do.
How can I have got in so deep?
Why did i fall in love with you?
[Chorus]This is the closest thing to crazy I have ever been.
Feeling twenty-two, acting seventeen.
This is the nearest thing to crazy I have ever known.
But I was never crazy on my own.
And now I know That there's a link between the two,
Being close to craziness,
and being close to you
How can you let me fall apart?
Then break my fall with lovin lies.
It's so easy to break a heart,
It's so easy to close your eyes.
How can you treat me like a child?
Yet like a child I yearn for you.
How can anyone feel so wild?
How can anyone feel so blue?
And being close to you
And being close to you

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