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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I am dying...My breathing is getting deeper and deeper like panting...Worked at paragon CBTL today.The place is a smoking area.My body is like filled with the thick smell of cigarette now.No fresh air around.If I continue to work there, there is a high possibly getting cancer.This CBTL had own storeroom and it is so far away from the outlet.Accidently broke a plate; luckily the manager never asked me to pay for it.It has more customers but very KBKB. In the morning, there came a mother, a daughter and son.This son is darm noisy,"I want honey stick".His mother asked him what he wants for breakfast and his reply is honeystick.The daughter like those missy that think she is very BIG.Using a proverb "like father like son", her mother also is the same kind.They ordered and after I finished the sale, they suddenly popped up a drink.They are so annoying; came one by one for things such as fork.Another is a woman buying powder.This woman belongs to the same specie; act big.Anyway, I saw Maya and Mark Lee today; they came to buy drinks separatly, one in the early-afternoon and the other at tea break.I heard from the staff in paragon, they said until like the final test is difficult to the extend that people need to retake and retake to pass.S***, that means I can't get my $160.
Received the NYP's package yesterday.So many forms to fill up.And the school start at 16 April.I haven't buy clothes.Must find some days to shop for school clothing.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Worked at OCBC in somerset yesterday.Well, not banker but as a barista.The place was like freezing h***.Don't know which idiotic person switch the air-con to such a low temperature even the customers complained about it.Because of this cold temperature,I kept on going to toilet.Hoped that I won't the impression that I got some illness.A espresso cup was broke.It was not my fault.I put in under the tap and it simply broke into two.There was one manager and two barista including me on duty.I had to close two station.No customer;I thought can go home early but in the end my CP manager and colleagues dropped by and bide me.But they were quite kind enough to call and ask if wanted to go home together although I rejected.Met up with Cat to borrow vcd.Chatted abit then got home ate supper.
I went for coffee class today.Wow, working still got training.This is my last class!Finally, I want to get my $160.I scored 90% for both coffee and tea quiz.Not bad, just in between the pass and fail.If I get 100%, I will get a bagde.But I don't have the luck so nevermind since I will leave when NYP start.Cut labour again that resulted me take off again.Take it as a chance to rest.Got home and ate supper again.Well, my waist will get thicker again.Watch the recorded show then channel U then channel 8.The channel U show was so teary.Tears like opened water tap......

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Worked OT on saturday at Wheellock till 2am...then woke up early in the morning at 7 plus as I need to work at 9a.m.I didn't late...what a relieve that I managed to wake up.Last time when I was attached to Scott, I was lated about one and a half hour.But the scott outlet manager was kind enough that she didn't scream and shout at me; she even ordered lunch for me.What a kind soul althought I got stomach ache after work...I bet it's because the swedish berries is too acidic to drink with a empty stomach.
Dental appointment on yesterday.A spring was put between two teeths this time,It was not painful at all!!!!!!The doctor maybe didn't screwed the braces.Changed the rubber band colour to lavender.
Bought Kenzo perfume today.Also I had pancakes today...hooray!Pancakes!Hot and superb tasty.My heart had a urge when mentioned pancakes and waffles.Finally bought my perfume.L'EAUPARKENZO...sweet and unique.Swiss army and hugo was not bad too.But hugo was too popular and cherry-like swiss army isn't attractive as Kenzo.Maybe I can try swiss amry next time.The shopkeeper quite lame...
xJoYz:"Do you accpect NETS?"
Shopkeeper(YY):"No...we only accept cash...POSB?"
YY:"Ok...there only...very fast.I can help you withdraw."
xJoYz:"No, thanks...I helped myself."
Kel told me that I was posted to NYP nursing.Nothing to say at first as Kel was posted to ngee ann...So far away...Haizz.But I didn't know why am I suddnely turned so excited to Nursing in the afternoon.Maybe because I was window-shopping in northpoint.Sometimes,exercise do comfort the mood.Nursing!What a wonderful and committed job.There maybe some emotional fearsome inside me, but I believe there is a way out if you are want or try.
Before work,I went to Takashimayan and Paragon to take fillings.A bit late but I was duty to take these food so nothing to be afraid.Idiot "T" manager tested me today.No preparation!Darm!But managed to just pass.Luckily!He said he going to test me on goument.What the loooot!!!!I never touch goument before.One word---DIE!Nevermind...stand up die, lie down also must die...The boat will turn straight when it is arriving at the destination.

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

The chalet thingy was actually bored to death.But cannot push all blames to those who organised it.First of all, Singapore is so small and tiny..it cannot provide much entertainment.Then who went to the chalet was waiting each other to take action like some sort of follower, actually I was one of the follower.Some who went to the chalet could gone missing for a while.Only like half a class came for the chalet thingy.The BBQ had very little choice of food even after some strangers gave us the food.I bet people who read what I wrote will think that I am very fussy and i should organise it the next time.Anyway,the highlight of the day will be at night whereby many of the people shared ghost stories and chit-chatting.That atmosphere was the time that I enjoyed the best.
I am mad about waffles and pancakes.Almost had them everyday.But I am very particular about the waffles; I prefer those with no flavour added expect for filling.It should soft and crispy but not overcooked.The best waffles and pancakes should smell great and taste like heaven with just some honey.Unluckily, it is hard to find...maybe Macdonald pancake will do but not those that leave a very long period of time.
Any month of 18th is an significnant day for me.Well, anniversary!I really enjoyed this month anniversary.Just a simple meal and a small walk.Thanks, kel...you meant a lot to me...

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Nowadays I kept hearing act cute song like cyndi's Honey and Yu Heng's happy days.Actually only this two...but I became very act cute when using the phone.No wonder I joined ACSBC.
Ok, I had selected my choices of course.First is TP's applied food science and nutrition.I chosen because I can learn to look over my diet in order to get my slimming process success.But Shifu said those entered the course were those fat fat type.My second choice is nursing at NYP.Actually I don't like NYP.But my dad persuaded me to get into this poly since my usual bathing time is 30 mintues.However, sis Jiawen said the attachment may sent the new freshmen to look after the place where the dead were put.It sounded very horrible and irky.
My third choice is SP's chemcial process technology.I want to make perfumes where this is the course that offered to teach plus other stuffs.Other choices is as followed...
4th-NP's Nursing,5th-Music and Audio tecnology(SP),6th-digital media design(NYP),7th-interior design(SP),8th-same as 7th but in TP,9th-Horiticulture and landscape managment(NP),10th-civil & enviromental engineering(NP),11th & 12th-industrial design at NYP and TP.
*TP stands for Temasek poly,np for ngee ann,nyp for nanyang and sp for s'pore.

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Monday, March 07, 2005

Well, I behaved like a autistic child few days ago.Quiet, everything kept to myself.The cause was clear---o'level result release.Pressure...it came from everywhere, family, nosy aunties that came to my house for majong...But it will faded soon so I don't need to worry too much about it.
I slept from 4a.m. to 3 plus on Sunday.I was extremely tired because of the stupid JAE thing.I couldn't login.It kept appeared "Processing...Please wait...".The moment I saw this my mood fell deeply and I started to play some online songs as I was darm irriated...Finally I knew where the problem lied...it was all because of the java script and I woke kel up to helped me sumit my choice of courses.
Anyway, I lost my IC but found it recently.I realized it on Friday morning(4th March).I checked everywhere(MRT station, shopping centres) that would be possible the place I dropped it.In the end, I report to police near block 300 plus.My first visit and should be the last visit to police station.Actually, all who went there were those who actually lost their stuff.I found my IC after the day I reported to police.It was my neighbour's friend who found and told my father that she will sent it back to me by post.Why she told my father instead of me? THe reason was simply simple---I was sleeping away that time.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

O level result released.Well, what I had dreamed few days ago really did come true.
Eng D7
Bio D7
SS/His C6
Chi B3
Phy/Chem B3
A-math B3
E-math A2
L1R5 : 24 L1R4 : 18
However, my R5 improved while R4......Luckily the dream that I got 40 for L1R5 and Eng scored F9 didn't come true.Or esle, I will really need gave myself a tight slap on my face. In the morning, I went back to school for SL thingy.Regret as it was bore to tears and didn't enjoyed much plus the weather was darm humid that I persipired like crazy...
Rain in the afternoon just like what I was feeling deep in heart at that moment. Had chicken chop at Northpoint Foodcourt with Kel and Cat.Kel's treat again!Thanks alot!Went to Sawhui's house to see them dyed hair later. Sawhui's bro kept crying as he wanted to stayed in the room where they dyed their hair.
I kept irriated with my mum; I think it was all because the result.I kept finding faults on her. My mood was darm bad yesterday.Didn't know how to react for such disapppointment although it was expected......
Tired, tired.Physical plus mindset...really tired!All result's fault that indirect shot myself again.Business at CB was great.I realized that if the manager is a woman the business will go up...

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