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Monday, December 24, 2007

I will only know you care when you show it to me.
Well, having induction stuffs for last week and gotta present a case study as a group(each ward presents one) on the last day and we only knew that at the end of the third last day.
Last minute checking through and rehearsal...Shh...we are wasting in the tearoom.Can't believe right?Our ward actually have Big Foot...I even saw air purifier in preparation room.Damn comfortable and free of charge some more.
Had KFC buddy meal with pei pei.The last time to have one hour break.
And the presentations were so long...I fell asleep the one before ours.So wordy...I can't take it anymore.
Went bugis to get cs's present(a watch) and shopping alone since everyone were so busy.Even boyfriend.So sad that I just cried on the bus home.
By the way, I went to BGH to buy stocking.The sales assistant told me that the stocking was meant for long standing.Said until sound like surgical stocking so I bought one since so cheap.All my siblings changed phone...now my phone became old version!
Went to gym with ky.So long never meet her!Work out until I knocked out.By the way, thanks for the food.
And I started to developed fever that night.
Sunday was somehow gathering for yanlong gang as x'mas celebration.Forced to eat the thousand island, tartar and chilli sauce prawn ball.So unlucky!I never lost in the game but everyone happy will do.Left early because my dad was kbkb and my body was not feeling well.Gifts from yanlong and sawhui!Thanks.By the way, that's not my name.
And I decided to see a doctor for the fever today.Cefuroxime(antibiotics) and panadol.Panadol is own supply..I requested not to give me those drugs I had at home.He told me that the fever won't gone so soon.-_-"'fever on and off for whole year.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last Saturday was having afternoon shift.
Thought everything should be fine...but it was until my SN Lec went for her break.
2 new admission and 1 transfer to HD case...then one of my patient's condition went worse...And my break was gone ;( Did everything in a rush but still manage to off on time.My SN had to help me with my report but I still passed the report except for one particular case.
Suppose to go shrimp fishing with yan long they all but I ended up going to watch warlords since master said it will be waste of my money if they were to go fishing for only 1 hour and I will be reaching there approximately in an hour time.
Anyway, that show just proved Takeshi is still as charming as before.But he is just being stupid for brotherhood.The war part is damn nice...Takeshi cut off the head of enemy and stood in the centre of the fight, Jet or Andy just one cut and five to seven people's foot were chopped off.
However, it went a little bit draggy toward the end.
Sunday was a small family gathering with my father side relative since cousin kevin's birthday falls on the day before and cousin zhe zhe's is one day after.
And kevin plus his siblings had to give a small presention on how to remember things effectively in order to get one hour of computer games(?) among the best.They were prepared...cardboard, book but not very good in speaking up...must be shy.
This is cute zhe zhe.The way he behaves just so kawaii!
As he fell in the water with his head first, he is just too afraid to go completely down into the baby pool.As his elder brother, wen jie, tried to trick him to get into the pool by acting drown, our dear zhe zhe just stood at the stairs of the pool with one hand on the handrail and the other stretched, shouting for his brother.
When we were singing halfway through the birthday song for kevin, he was so excited that he blew the candles.
Sometimes I really felt so emo...and I went shopping today alone.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Such nice weather for some sleep but I just had to woke up for attachment.And it's 4.30am!
Honey will say about my dark rings.Say only but no action.Bastard.
3 patients to pass report today.Right after I passed finish, I went to sign out and it was then I realized it was only 2.30pm.Still 30 minutes to go.
So I scrolled here and there.Went to tearoom and took one donut(patient's treat).Continued my scroll here and there...Wondering why no call bell? I also not sure.
Finally I got one thing to do...to investigate a ripple mattress loan from another ward.So I walked around and check all the series number of all ripple mattress.Still no hint...but I suspect the loan one is at the equipment room.So I asked YJ to double confirm before I left since it was already 3.30pm.
And I felt embarrassed.As last night I slept at 3 plus; that's mean only one hour of sleep.The moment I placed my sexy butt on the soft bus cushion, I dozed off.
Wondering how I woke up?A stranger knocked outside the glass where I lied my head on.I wondered if I drooled.In a mess to get down the bus.
Gatherings before 2007 ended...just hope I can attended all of them.Stay tune to good news.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

My mind is still not right.It is still as if I had just finish my night a moment ago.Tire plus plus.The night staffs.Slack awhile after the photo taking with that christmas tree.Act cute in the middle of the night...Halfway through my report.
I had my first night shift in my entire nursing life on Thursday. The nurses didn't expect me to come...actually I also a bit no mood to work.Well, that's because I have two days off before that.
I was panther with SN BJ and sharon; BJ asked me to take one team since she was taking two teams and I did.
Not bad...nothing much to do since no call bell.Went to serve 2am medicine and our dear patient pointed his tongue ulcer to us when we gave him painkiller for his leg.I felt so tire and I went to take nap after finished my report in the middle of the night.Woke up at 4 plus and BJ started to tell us her "good brother" encounter and some experience she heard.
Second night we ordered Mac.BJ asked me to pay using her credit card and they asked for her IC number.Wondering why?Because it's BJ's credit card and the person ordering was me. While I was helping one of my patient to take parameters, this cute patient suddenly called and said good night to me.When I served him his painkiller, he looked so blur from sleep and covered his ears and told us it's cold.That's not the peak point of the day.This relative of a particular patient asked BJ to take blood pressure every 5 min after one episode of high BP.After much negotiation, 15 minutes once.However, he demanded the Doctor to come and said his relative complaint of uncomfort.And guess what?The relative said he is fine but BJ still called the doctor to explain to the relative.
When I passed central report, Sister actually commented that I looked like I just wake up.Yes, I am so tire that I have stoned.
3rd night we ordered spize kitchen-a Malay delivery. Ordered mee goreng pattya...super oily.Luckily the chili not hot.My team only got 5 patients.
Anyway, I felt like cheated to go my auntie's house. I know it sounds bad...but I am not familiar with those people there.Just don't like to fake around as if they are close to me.Saw baby Ryan...cute but cannot touch.Crying and his parents have to cope him.And I took a cab down since no direct bus service to Alexander.But still late!And honey sms me a picture of a BBQ crab he caught while fishing at Pasir Ris.
And no one did the nyp schedule for the week.Then?No need to work for the whole week?Make me look like some anxious idiot looking for schedule.
Rushed down to pasir ris to meet honey before heading his house.And I hit my head against the cab while moving to the back seat.
Helped honey to tidy his room before went to meet him at orchard.Was having stomache and shitting away in the mrt loo that some melayu machi actually banged the door. Saw honey and helped him gave flyers.See, I am even worse than a cleaner.Free labour for honey.
Dining at pasta mina with his team mates and prank call wei liang's girlfriend.I WAS MOLESTED BY BIQI! Went to watch the tattooist.The starting was bore, sound effect is good.Happy ending.And the tattoo sound is still creepy to me.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Having off today before night shift start, which falls on Thur, Fri and Sat.So count me out for zouk out.Sunday will be my sleeping day.
Went to IT fair with cs and joo last Sat.Having lunch.That drink is actually sugar cane with pearls and lemon.While joo tried to snapped cs.
We actually meet at 1.30pm but we boarded the bus around 3 and reached expo at 4pm.Damn crowded that made me feel super tiring while scrolling round.After around one hour, we dispersed since joo went to meet her sister while cs and me went to meet our the other half.Use plastic to cover...Took some photos on train.Before and after flash.
So I went to meet up honey at Katong shopping centre since he was having zealous outing.The KTV there is damn cheap.7 hours two rooms plus 61 cans of drinks for only $120.
Took cab down suntec and to have dinner at food republic before went to watch enchanted with his teammates.

The ending is predictable and some part she danced remind me of those indian movie where people dance behind coconut trees.
And as usual, jian lin fell asleep in the middle of the show.
Rushed to take last train after the movie and they smoked.Before that, took photos since the fountain is so nicely decorated.

This another version of the quarreling act taken by honey's phone.
I had the shopping urge.Feel like buying little black dress...But just went shopping with honey on last Sunday and bought two long sleeves shirt and a short while he got brief.
For the Christmas gathering, I had drew a guy.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

I am taking one cubicle this week...which is four patients.Able to cope unless the patient got a lot of follow-up.
I will be taking six patients next week.Stress?More to the pressure side.Well, part of growing up and people do have ups & downs.
Went out last friday.Long time no wear this shirt.And the kind soul who accompany me is...Thanks!That's all I can say.Peach blended(?) and meMy dinner of the day.Finished it within few minutes.And the waffle is damn fulling!Didn't finished the ice cream.
That's not the end of the story.Guess what we did? We actually were scrolling along marina square and we saw someone who looked exactly like lin mei fang. And without any hesitation, I just walked toward her(she was eating) and called out "Mei fang" loudly.Both her friends looked at me in puzzle and that girl just lifted up her head and continued her food.
So embarrassing!
Went to meet up boyfriend last Saturday and have dinner with his guy teammates.

After dinner, nothing to do and start to put up a show.By the way, guy in black is actually wei cong's brother, wei liang.World seem to be small.
I totally have no idea when my modern become this.I even called up my siblings to ask how to connect to net...later I realized it is already automatically connected.
I had been having mac nuggets for supper since start of attachment...shall kicked off this bad habit.
I woke up at 4am today...but I can't wake up for work yesterday that I actually took a cab down that cost me $13.20.
Few weeks ago, I actually dream that my boyfriend left me because of a girl called Charmaine.In that particular dream, he even say I am just a supplement for her and his mum accepts her as daughter-in-law.And I even slapped him and let a snake bites him.
And the funny part is...one of the np student attached to the ward is call Charmaine.

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