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Thursday, July 31, 2008



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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I done my first night shift as a staff nurse on last Friday.
In the daytime, I went meet up with Ting.And had dinner with Jiajun because ting ps me to have dinner with pual.Went to coffeebean to have tea latte since there is still some time before I report to work.
My first night is alright because there is only two patients in my team.
After my first night, I went to meet Jiajun for breakfast before going home to sleep.In the evening, I went to meet my boyfriend.In the end, I only slept for 3 hours.Second night, Isabella tried to insert plug.She looked so cute when she is serious.After that is Shuhui.Some people is scared of this part.
I really cannot take it toward the end of second night.Anyway, second night is consider the best night out of the 3 nights.
My team is full house on the third night except for the two A1 bed, which is empty.Call bells plus plus.Anyway, we ordered takeaway.
And just when I want to start eating, my patient told me that the other patient want to climb out of bed.
Well, nothing happen actually because we were there just in time...no fall occurs.See, this is a good part of building rapport with your patients.
After I ate my supper, I went to write my reports.And I really cannot take it anymore that I went to sleep.
By the time I woke up, it's 5.30am.
And I quickly end all my reports and give my morning dose of antibiotics.See, super awake after the nap.Photos taken by anna moi's new phone.
And I went home and slept all the way till 4 plus.
Went to cut my hair.The hairdresser blew my hair until it looks like I got my hair rebonded.I like to change my hair style on and off.Went to watch Hellboy after haircut with boyfriend because it's his first night out yesterday.
The show is not as boyish as what I think and I like the tumor in the show.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Why do girls always be the one waititng for guys?


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Friday, July 25, 2008

And I went for my navel piercing FINALLY.Blue stud with pink bling.I will save money to buy a dangling stub.In actual fact...
It was not painful at all except when the needle poked you.
I had a habit of touching the stud to see it is intact now.Thanks my BSF for accompanying and see the whole piercing process.And he got me my 17th,18th, 19th plus 20th present.I love the present very much!He himself got some jesters.And cindy helped me make up until so nice.
And I was woke up by Jiajun at 3am to have supper, or rather breakfast, in the morning.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I drank too much last night.I can't walk in a straight line last night.Lightheaded the whole morning.Nausea accompany with stomach discomfort in the morning.
I went zouk again last night after my pm shiftSee...she is so high!
Everyone seem to be emo nowadays.Should I follow the trend?Not couple glasses but we both got new glasses.Birthday present from boyfriend.He said I look better with glasses because it was from him.And when I was taught PAPR by SSN Ho.Birthday celebration for my BFF. Cute kettle for her.She can drink high tea at home. As appreciation, she treat me dinner.
Went to get contact lens for her after dinner.For supper, we have Swenson ice cream.
See, I wrote her name so that people will the thinking that she is the one playing with food.

And during one of the pm shift, nina decided to frank call some pizza hotline.
Going navel piercing later.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Then my off day is here.
And my body finally can rest...
after sleeping barely for four to five hours at night,
after falling asleep on the bus until drooling away,
after my head went over to the stranger sitting beside me,
after the stranger sitting beside has to wake me up,
after my right side of my neck has a swelling,
after I lost my voice,
after I started to cough until I feel so annoyed,
my off day is here.
I am glad it is here even no one want to accompany me,
although I will turn irritated to face the four walls of my room.
At least my mum did try,
"I will bring you out if no one play mahjong."
Sweet isn't it?
Anyway, my Tamil class is not bad after all.I love the Tamil rhythm even though it is only formed by words from one to ten.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am looking forward for my pay day.
That's what my mind is thinking whenever I heard lily allen's I don't know.
Who want to club on Wednesday?


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Friday, July 11, 2008

I said I will update.Here they are.Hong bei's birthday.Banana choc cake :(So funny to see her in white hair.Went Zouk but not to celebrate her birthday.Kelvin Lim.Like handphone promoter.NYP business peeps.In the ladies.And I actually got stepped by a super tiny high heel!
Cakes from my colleagues.Thanks for the macgiggles and the Jack's place treat.It was really a surprise.I was enjoying the dessert while the waitress just pushes it away and placed two pieces of cakes with candles on them.
I nearly cried when I saw those cakes!Hey, I really appreciate lots.And I love the post birthday gift!
And I have a meet up with my secondary school people!My lovely sick cat.Thanks for making an effort to celebrate with me.My BSF, who trying to be funny on my birthday.Mao mao...donkey years never see him.Cindy, thanks for sending me back home safe and sound after every clubbing days.Joo, my lovely joo.BFF.Loves you lots!Mandy, all the best to your study!And Mr daniel, who bought potato chips as my present but ended up bringing back home.Those presents...Thanks!And my lovely boy treat me seoul garden when he book out!Sorry for forgetting to save the lovely birthday song you sang for me.My birthday celebration but I am the Santa Claus.Last Wednesday is ladies' night which mean I am in Zouk again!And we saw mao mao's brother!He is super different from mr mao mao!
Thursday is m'sia day, to be precise...is JB's day.The roasted duck simple rocks!Name tag sticky.New dress.Hong bei went to trim her eyebrows.Super stylo!Cheers to my harvest!
When is the next trip?

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