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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sometimes, it's fun to surf youtube.
Get up when you fall down.
Love...don't ask for return.Nice hair.
Nice hair.Cool style.
It's nice to hear something sad whenever down.
So kawaii!
Do lend me if you got the vcd.

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Although it is rainning outside, but the temperature is still high.
Went to gym these two days.
Saturday with KY.
It seem like we haven't seen each other for like half a year.
Exercised for two hours and got ourselves frappe at starbuck.
And we took neosprint.Sounded funny; two exhausted girls went to took neos when they were so terrible.
Meet Kat for dinner then before heading dance class.
That relief teacher!The movements were totally.... simply....one word to describe...gross.
I was laughing and blur throughout the entire hour.Mandy and I simply got our bodies numb and couldn't followed the steps.
To stop the itch of getting to gym, I went with Kat and mandy today.
I was lazy today and my heels were in terrible state.
We got pizza and some ice after that.
Intending to go study but kat and I were tired and decided to it a stop.
Tomorrow will be going chee-na town with kat.I am getting to like those malls in heartlands.Somehow like discovering for treasures.See what I bought from the station between woodlands and sembawang.It really hard for me to find them as I still remember I saw them in queentown.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Lost my admin card.
The most irritating thing was that they found my card after I sumitted the form to make a new card!
The enD

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I told my mum that I don't feel like working in hospital.
She said never mind because she think I don't need to study so much.
My dad was really slow.
He asked me to signed bond now!
He said I must go and pursue my degree... and work in hospital.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I banged onto hahhah today.I sweared I didn't saw her and I thought she went off already.Really!
Recongised wrong person yesterday...
Someone asked me what I am going to do after my study.No idea... because the future is so dark.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I read my previous entry again and again.
The word "idiotic" sound really bad.Imagine if someone used the word on you, you will also feel bad about it.Like eddy last time also said my flabby, is he a idiot?Nope, he is still my good jie mei!
So I shall change the term to funny.If they were not funny, the life I am leading is just like shit.Somemore, their encouragements really enlighten me.
Thanks for cheering, desmond!Although I seen the video before but really made me laugh...and those who did to make my life better(you should know who you are!).

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I had nothing to do so I watched the channel u's show.So sad!I wonder if there people can die for their love now.Since this was just a drama only.This guy is really cool at this part!
I love guys sacrifice for his beloved.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

To be really frank, I have to say something.
I did told you guys before that I am very sensitive.I don't know why but I felt totally get targetted.I knew I am blur, loss of words and slow.
I did drop hints when you hit the limit but you don't seem like stopping.I try to avoid to stop increasing the tension.So slience begin...If you felt turned off, so do me.
Anyway I had some good, juicy news.
NYP's SBM is having mother's day promotion(I think so)!
Famous amos cookies, roses, carnation, sunflowers, cakes and breaktalk gift vouchers!
Save up to 16%!
For more details, just go and find saw hui and man di!This two lovely babes will update you with infos.
So what are you waiting for?It's till 26 April2006!

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Today, a fellow classmate of mine asked this question again!
"Joy, hmm...why you don't have a boyfriend?"
Don't you think the answer is so simple?
Look around!Did you see any prince charming around?Even there is...look around him, is there a babe?
Said until, my eyes was on top of my head.Anyway, I knew what kind of people I am.Firstly, I don't waste time on short period; when I was in love with that person, I really mean in love and not those puppy love.
Secondly, I am bimbo with no brain.Plus I had no shape- big thighs and big arms(idiotic people always discussed non-stop about it especially nyp-ians which sometime I feel so angry and hate about myself).I am a "seventh month hungry ghost" who eat a big,big portion.
Guys, is not that I want to particular about it.But I don't even dare to talk to the people I had rumours at all.I felt so sickening when people trying to pair me up with some friends who I can really talk to.I can joke too but there is also a limit to it right?
And that's it.Our friendship is gone.
Now, I can truly felt how joo felt when people kept on gossiping her and cs while last time lao niang was being paired up with zy in class.
Retribution for pairing them up?Strongly believe!
Anyway, I hate to admit but had to say that I have already give up on love since my last break up and other examples by my friends.
Love is just a game and it truly hurt.I am not prepared to get hurt......

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I think I am dehyrated!I had sore thoart and uclers now!
First day I am not late!
The lectures... were like sleeping pills.
The bio lecturer very werid.
Seem like nyp enrolled those artists to take us for practical lesson.
"Cyndi Wang", "Cecilia Zhang"and "Joanna Peh".
Am I rude?Joanne pronounned my name wrongly.Then charlene repeated and laughed at it.So I told her to shut up and she said I am so daring to tell Joanne to shut up.
Luckily, she repeated the insertion of ngt.It's better in this way because I was so loss when the lecturer proclaimed that we should know how to do when watch cbt!
Then why do we need a lecturer there at the first place?We paid money to let people teach us not let us watch cbt and we will know everything.
I think I am going to sick soon.Ok, I will take care of myself.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I am year two student now.It seem like yesterday I am still a year one student and now a year two.
Saw newbies around.It seem like a lot of male nurses in this cohort.
The books, I mean lecture notes, also increase it thickness.
E learning is the still...lousy!
Anyway, my lesson ended at 10am today!
Charlene, germ and me went to watch black night.
Alight at summerset but changed to Plaza singapura to watch instead since it started earlier.
It seem like the service at PS has dropped.
Anyway, black night... ...the longer I watched the less scarier it was.I remember I only got scared off by two scenes.One part is whereby the ghost tried to catch the girl when she was looking down.The other is the part a black thingy called hyu finally showed itself.Looked more like the underwater world's shark.
We took neos after the show.Finally dragged charlene into it successfully.
The machine no paper so we slowly waited for the stuff to replace.Thought can retake but ended up...overall the photo is nice!Why?Got great designer!

P.S.Guess what?I had been late for twice already and it was only the second day of school.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

What is the best thing to do on good friday?
I don't know; maybe something good?
2006's good friday.A memorable day!
Early in the morning, I called the POSB's hotline to cancel my card.
Met up with boon leng, Jacinta, ming huang and cs.I was late but not the latest!Boon leng was playing with his poker cards(doing some "magic") on our way to Kovan.Anyway, we lied to lingz that we were at Dhoby while we were still at YCK.And we were like saying reception low and coughing away when we reached every stop.See, they used the area for the wheel-bounded!
It was flooding when we reached Kovan and lingz had came to fetched us.We reached the house and started our good friday party.Boon leng left earlier without going to the toilet.
We settled our lunch before leaving.Jacinta who is darm skinny!Lingz was busy eating.Ming huang was anti-social!Good friday's present.
We were separated since the guys wanted to play pool and the babes wanted k-songs.
Good friday is also black day!Who says female can only survive with male?
The price for singing was high and we simply dropped the idea and headed for a movie at the new cathay cineplex.
Jacinta , my model.
Watched art of seduction finally!See, there is the receipt given.
Settled dinner at PS's yoshi and scrolling at PS to wait for the movie to start.It changed colour at night!
The toilet also so style!Jacinta and I was funny because we thought the toilet is full until a lady came out of the toilet saying,"I think the white one is vacant!"Felt so suan-ku althought we were just following the people in front of us but they had gone in before the lady came out!
The holding area was quite small and we saw on the menu that the cinema is actually providing soup and chops.Anyway, it was expensive and the advertisment is misleading because the kacang putay is only three times smaller than what is in it!
The night is still young when the movie ended.It was a super funny movie by the way.But we were all tired.
Headed to marina and boarded the last train.So empty!Reminded me of the creep.Ling and me.Jacinta and me.Jacinta and lingz.Myself...admiring.The skinny, hungry ghost.The lonely ghost.
Went back to school to get my lecture notes on saturday morning with hannah.Then got quened for one hour plus to get my atm card.Ate two m&m peanuts while waiting for them.I was quite pissed but that didn't affect my singing spirit!
We were at amk k-box and given room sixteen with lousy mic.
Choosing songs.
CS and me.
Andy's performance.
Kat and Joo.
Ercong who sang like JJ and looked super chee-na with long hair.
Mandy who sang only few songs.
Shirey temple!
Eddy who came around four plus after bike lesson
CS was not his usual self because he didn't snatch mic.
Chao Gay!
Kat who stood there for long time for a group photo.
Getting Ready for group photos.
Kat finally gave up taking group photo.
Rushed back Yishun for dance lesson and bought two baleno top for the sake of it.Met ivan, zhao, vincent and ling after dance.
Vincent!Went to had dinner together at S11.
Headed to mac to wait for time passed.
I was inside vincent's new phone!
Met up with yanlong, jack brother and sent cs to take bus.Watched ice age2 with them.The show was lame!I still prefer cathay!

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