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Sunday, August 31, 2008

All I want to say is the picture.
Anyway I found my little twin stars key pouch!Someone actually kept it in the med apron's cabinet.But it's better than it is lost.Shall go and the cancel the lost report.
Anyway, I finally met up with ms jovell on Tuesday.I am so sorry to let her wait for so long!Posed what you want!All belong to her..she bought her old bird some dounuts!I love this picture!No explanation required.Just from the bottom of my heart.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last night was fun.
Went Sakura buffet with my colleagues. Eating, chatting cum camwhoring.
Then went MOS clubbing with lingz.
I nearly wanted to vomit blood because lingz never picked up my phone.
But I managed to get Jacinta's number so I am not lost.
Danced until I saw people drunk, puked.
Reached home at 5am.
Uploaded those that can be found in my phone and awaiting people to send me photos.Well, I cut my hair.Side view.Amy + lingz.That red face is not the only one puked.And lingz was super high last night.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I lost my cosmetic case.
The pink colour little twin star pencil case that I bought from HK,
with my hair clips all inside,
with my necklace from HK,
my birthday earring from yenyee plus serene,
my dental appointment card,
my more than words privileges card that I haven't use before,
and some rubbishs too...
really -_-"'...
But good thing is, my measles came after one month.I had overcome stress.
Enough of the nagging, I want to sleep now.
Happy birthday to my sis who was with me for 20 years in my life ever since I am born.


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Friday, August 22, 2008

I am happy with my life now.
But I just feel very tire.
Went to visit ms ben ben de.Her camera-shy dog, meat2.This is how I wore that day; really look different with a proper belt.And I am still waiting for ben ben de to send photos taken by her mac book.
And I went 4EB gathering.Photos taken by others' camera; and I uploaded what's inside my phone.A free ride.It's the angle problem.Thanks to farhan for being a kind soul!And my first experience with jamming.Damn cool!Ms nerdy!It belongs to joo.Thanks for accompanying to take my ishuffle.(so you knew where we had our dinner?)See, so engross with her new ds!I also want a new ds!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Someone told me I broke the record.
I left the ward at 1.30am on Monday!
And ms sharon still asked me to stay back to today!


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Sunday, August 10, 2008

These few days...it seem like I can't concentrate in my work at all.Kinda of disappointed in myself.I knew what should it be but I just...Stop assuming, joy!Lady of luck won't with with you forever.
Sort of piss off after consulting my cat to run for standard charter.The way she reply just piss me off totally.So fierce!As though I really made her angry.I will definitely scold or ignore you if I received such kind of sms. One good example is my ben ben de.
Anyway, anyone want to join standard charter?Feel free to ask me tag along.
Went to Phyllis' baby Adriena full month; I liked her hair colour- it's brown.


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Friday, August 08, 2008

I wanted to get stick-on bra!
Eddy said women should one bra that will reveal their sexy back.
Hong Bei said my bra looks really big on me.
And I decided,
to get myself a stick on bra.
So many things to do but no money to do.
Like I saw these very nice clothes online,
feel like going for make up courses(with certificate), diving(but need to know how to swim)
and now,
a stick on bra.
I hope I won't become a 败家女!

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Sometimes, I really think work is a way to forget things.
Va-lah-gen, Nurses' day gift from tamil class.With nyo nyo.Gift from PT/OT.
Also received baxtra small bag, pen plus cookies.She is enjoying.See, all belonged to her.And she was not enough with it, she even ate a side dish, a share of fruit plus durian ice cream later.Well, this is only her lunch.Anna moi and me.We are the Queens.Eating and sleeping Queen.See, stressed over staffs allocation.No need to explain.After roll call.Before sister came in.Waiting for journal club to start.Can you spot me?Kawaii bento.Super exp and not full at all after eating.Boyfriend complaint so expensive still want to eat.
I am fasting for tomorrow health screening.Damn it, I am so hungry now.

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

I felt bored.
Because my days were spent by looking forward payday.


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