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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yes...no time to sleep.Wake up before the Sun come up and went home when the dawn is coming.
Anyway, had uploaded hannah's birthday photos in multiply.
Meet up with Queen of bitch few weeks ago.Must abide JCI standard...bun up hair.At cafe carte.
Watched the other boleyn girl.Touching and great.Went to have supper afterward.She is too hungry to pose.
Next day is a Saturday and Afternoon shift.Boyfriend came to fetch after work and sent me to work on Sunday.Even bought porridge for his lovely girlfriend.
However, he had a fever of 40 degree after he went home.So I gave him nursing care after work.See...he is so sick that he need to take diclofenac and it is really effective.
Met him after induction programme the next day before he book in.We were in uniform!
The train journey was long...we eventually start to take picture of our pores.Guess which one is mine?
And I forced him to pose for me.Get lostHappySadBoo!
Had pizza hut for dinner.My blur boy thought it is 8.30pm to report at pasir ris but there is no one at pasir ris at 8.30pm.He called and was told that he need to report at Changi jetty. Waited for him to board the bus before going home.
Free gift for induction programme.The white mask looked like sanitary pad.Need to test again after 3 months.
After being late for once, Pei and me decided to take bus before 7am for IP.And guess what? We were 1 hour earlier before the programme start.Went to eat Mac breakfast.With Jenny and pei at IP.Keep cutting Jenny's face...And finally....check up those girls at the back!
Played mahjong overnight with Jona's friends.super tire and cannot concentrate the next day.
Yesterday, Sister suddenly asked about our IP...asked until pri, hong bei and me looked at each other, don't know how to answer her question.Guess where are we?Hair in mess after work...But we don't care!Trying out my camera flash.Only photographer like me make people look so kawaii.Take 1Take 2 Take 3
Went eat supper with Jona since cannot make for Ivan's BBQ.
And today is my off day.
Meet new people.Introducing Evander; yee joo's friend.And also her CJ7.Playing with my Dior.Cute right?Reminded me of my boy.
Gotta go and study for tomorrow IP in case sister ask question again.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

super tire...
proven by the dark circles
can help me reduce it other than asking me to sleep?


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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This week off day falls on Tuesday, which is today.
Well, today is 15th April.It's germs' birthday(happy birthday, my dear!) and also the one year anniversary for being together as a couple with boyfriend.
Well, he is serving the country and currently super duper broke so I don't think there will be any celebration.
Speak of celebration, I don't think we also have time to celebrate his birthday as well.His birthday falls on 25th April and he will in the forest or jungle for military training.And it is such wasteful since my off day for that week is on Sunday(so rare!)!
Fine...think until I very piss off.Want to spend time with him but we are so busy; still complain I never accompany with him. ;(
Met up with the 7 pills(Full attendance) for germ's birthday last Saturday!
At cream bistro.She look so kawaii in this photo(more photos in my Multiply).
Time slowly slips...
Some time ago, we are still attending some boring to death talks for orientation...
attending some lectures and labs...
curse and swear about our group mate and some unreasonable lecturers...
walking to ang mio kio to kill time...
being so stress up with exams, ICAs, FYP...
counting days toward end of attachment...
Now, we are all stepping into another part of our life.All the best to the seven pills...do hope we will still play a part in our future.
And thanks Jovell for getting my red apple and Charlene for the bookmark.
I am deprived of sleep.Dad counted my sleeping time.Managed to get 3 hours if I am on pm shift and the next day is am shift.
That partly contributed to he reason why I am at home for day off.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last Sunday...
Went to meet my dearest Boyfriend.See, SAF feed him well.This is how I look with not enough sleep.
That's my name tag with a super ugly picture(Blocked some of the details due to private and confidential).Received it on Monday, my first day of work.
The new name tag's photo is so much bigger than others who used to work there for a period of time.
And I have no idea why my picture was so yellowish compared to my batch girls.
My induction programme will start a bit later so I report to ward for the time being.Went back to my PRCP ward.
Saw roster and cried when I was sleeping that night.I cannot accompany my beloved.
Second day of work is alright.Doing in-charge on the third day...not happy because I cannot finished my work.Now, I feel a bit stress but I hope this little stress will improve me to become a good SN.
Today is my off day.I missed those days with two off days.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Am I very greedy?
I got boyfriend but I hope I can someone like Jiro in It started with a kiss 2 that will always listen to my grumpy and cheer me up.
They will be always be standing at some distance, looking how bliss I am and hoped I will live happily after.
And I find a very interesting phrase from Get Karl!Oh Soo Jung.
"Men I dump will always understand me, men who dump me will always long for me."
I like this sentence, sound like what a confident woman will say.
To be truth, I don't look forward to work in a hospital.I wonder how things will go on Monday.
Anyway, I couldn't find my microbrush in my cupboard.I feel my teeth are super dirty now even I brushed them with toothbrush.


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Friday, April 04, 2008

Yesterday, I went to annilism's house to collect biology textbook.It was raining like cats and dogs; I really feel like I will be blow away by the wind.But the wind has a short-lived, it stopped when I returned home.
By the way, I decided to postpone the retake for o's level after a discussion with dad. He said," let's see how things going after a year you entered the university of society before deciding such matters.It doesn't really matter if you retake this or next year since you already waited for so long.
And my first time was given to ben ben de.She said I am a sua ku(country bumpkin) when I told her I never eat popeyes before.Well, much better quality compared to KFC, who served uncooked meat and I had to asked people to help me changed.Thanks for accompanying your poor sha sha de, who can't find anyone to go mustafar with.
We went expo for john little mega sales.She ended up empty-handed because she said she will come back again.I bought a t-shirt and briefs for smelly.Sweets were from candy empire.Wanted to get some bras but dropped the idea since there is no fitting room.
Smelly, you owed me one new lacy legging.I spoiled it while talking with him via phone.He praised me because I bought brief for him even he indirectly spoiled my legging.
He said he will be out tomorrow.Timing not confirmed yet.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Currently having blocked nose & sore throat.
And that big lump at my chin still didn't seem to improved.
Smelly said its a tumor and my sis said it is a super dirty pimple.Both of them are irritating.
Took priton and lozenges...hope the effect is fast.


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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Resting like a bum.
Couch potato for 2 months.
I don't know why I wake up so early today even I slept at 3 plus last night.
No nightmare.
Too comfortable also makes one stress...


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