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Sunday, May 31, 2009

So many things just happened...
I also abit SIAN...

Yes, I am back to single status.
I am the one who wants it.
Two years abit pain but just as what one of my friend say,
I rather say now than running away from marriage.

Someone gave me the courage but he just contribute 40%.
And he just hanged me in the air.
Sad but so how?
I know he has his own problem but I am still abit not happy.
I choose to stand beside him quietly.

Anyway, I felt a bit sorry for ms glutton due to my work and I was not able to make it for her birthday.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

don't forget to wash your hands too!


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't wish to write much.
Check out photos.
Doreen left DEM.

Pedicure with ms gluttonLastly K-session with my nss buddies!

That's all folkes!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I don't like to be quiet.
Too quiet and being alone just made me think alot.


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh craps!It has been a super long time since last update.As usual, I am damn busy.
At work, AH has set up a tentage to handle H1N1 and staffs is being deployed from here and there.
And see, familiar faces was seen during this period of time.
And all of us just has to put on mask for the whole shift expect for going break and toilet.End result is being shown!Went out with ms jovell last wednesday.Everything is fine...and she actually give me some suggestion on spending the Tangs vounchers I won last year.Meanwhile, I also attended course!Yes, it's nina...one of the staff I missed while missing days in ward.The good thing about service course is we do not need to stay our whole day in the room.Met up with ben ben de too and she welcomed me to her house in pyjames.
Was hanging out with new friend gene reccently.
What's the good thing about him?
I always have free meals!Acting cool while eating ice cream.
And his ah beng uncle-like friend, kenny.
Unfortunately, bad news come as well.
My grandmother was hit by a car while crossing road.
See, now she cannot moved around anymore.
I wondered if it is a bad thing or something good as well.
We always get so worry when she is out alone because the tendency she went missing is very high.
Once, she even went missing for about 3 days and was sent to hospital as she was found sitting at sembawang beach after injurying her leg.3 days never eat and drink with mosquitoes sucking her blood for 72 hours.
And guess who I saw while visiting my grandmother?
My long lost poly friend...Subashini!

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Monday, May 04, 2009

OK...so long never update, wondering whether people still read my blog.Happy belated birthday to boyfriend.The 2nd year I help you celebrate your birthday, touching right?His birthday presentEven from taipei!He lost his contact lens so he will need to wear his glasses.I am glad that you are happy for what I did for you.
Anyway, I got my weekend off this week.It was supposed to have a DEM gathering that is organised by ismail and me but it turned out the roster for eveyone doesn't.So I dropped the idea.
I am still keen to go clubbing.
So went around and asked people.
Luckily the heaven god pity me!
I finally find someone to tag along.Thanks gene for you full support!!Give you 3 claps!!By the way we went to have popeyes =)It was at s'pore flyer but I still prefer changi's popeye!Clubbing at double O.Very very hot!Getting warm up so play pool and it cost them $6 for a game due some technical issue.Picture of the month.
So funny...what an expression!Lost in clubbing!

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