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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

These few days were busy outside.And I went clubbing with my boy for the first time.
Shall upload some photos after I got them from those photographer.


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Friday, October 24, 2008

JCI is finally over and we made it though.Hopefully as what the auditors said.
It was really tiring.
The day before JCI, I was having a terrible headache at work.And I left the ward st 11.30pm with hoong eng after cleaning the e-trolley.I don't know why this particular staff kept asking us what shift we were on JCI but not offering her help and looked at us cleaning.And I developed fever after reaching home.
First day of JCI, I was still having fever in the morning.Popped one panadol and just went to work.Routine was as usual but we pushed forward everything such as medication round.Roll call was also shorten. Sms kept coming non-stop.Was told that the auditors didn't follow their schedule. Was so anxious after passed over that kept on looking at the lifts once the doors were opened.And she came...we managed to answer the questions well.Debrief at 5 plus and was told that the hospital didn't perform well.Back to ward to print some policies and someone told me that I made a mistake that I actually wrote memo for sister.Left the ward at 9.30pm.
Second day of JCI was same as Monday.Still a bit feverish.
Was waiting for those auditors to come but they didn't.Waited for debrief till 4.30pm.Came back to ward to complete combur 5 checklist.Left ward at 7 plus.Back home finally decide to take 2 panadol.
Third day was much more relax after was being told we perform well yesterday.Anyway, my ward staffs just went off after debrief.Sister too.So much relief.
And today, it ended.
The auditors only came to our ward for once.And one colleagues of mine was joking that she can removed the president's photo and put hers because she is a lucky star that has never been audit before.
I never been feeling so strong bonded to the ward before.It was JCI that actually caused this sense of belonging in me to my ward.
The next big thing:Dinner & Dance for the coming saturday.
The nex next BIG BIG thing: I am going to transfer to A&E in November.
It was so sudden.I didn't even knew that until sister announced it during afternoon roll call today.I was in shocked because I was not mentally prepared yet!I asked sister whether I can delayed but she said it's approved by the nursing head.I had no choice but to go.
So sad...I am going for sure.It really remind me one of the songs sang by 5566.


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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My leave has ended!
Back to working life.A bit nervous because JCI is coming.Anyway, I went body massage with zhier on Thursday.With flash.So long never meet her.Well, I also missed 7 pills, nr0525 and nr0526 peers except for a few of them, who you and me knew.Ben ben de is a bad girl...got lover no more sha sha de.OK, the massage for me was super painful.Is not that I never went massage before but I just felt a bit sensitive when I was naked for people to touch.Well, I need to get a new eyeliner because my current one from faceshop smudge like hell.By the way, I coloured my hair again.I simply love the colour.I am trying to covered my ugly glasses.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Went to Haw Par villa on last Friday with joo and cat.
Meant to meet at 11am but ended up...I think 1pm.I overslept.Too tire...
Had our lunch before headed to the villa.
Why is it called villa? It is actually owned by the famous home brand Tiger Balm in centuries ago and Haw Par villa is named after the owners. Well, it is actually the garden of their villa.Why is the villa?I also don't know, never see when I was there.That ticket uncle scared me by switching on the roaring of the tiger while I was trying to take picture of the tiger car.More photos in my multiply
After a memory recall at Haw Par villa, We headed to vivocity since we have no more energy for hotpark.
Chill a little while before went to meet Boyfriend's family for buffet at Sakae.Yes!Boyfriend's treat!Eat until I even go toilet to shit.
Anyway,I have five days of leave starting from this Monday.Spent quality time on sleeping, crouching...but tomorrow I going back hospital to finish up my OJTs plus policy reading...JCI is coming.Went facial today and my adviser said my face get sharper every time she saw me.She also mention small pimples popped up...maybe I am really very stress up.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

I am a confirmed staff now but my pay does not increase.
I rather under probation with no increased salary.
I just had a mcwings extra value meal plus 9 packets of seaweed.
Super full now.
Tomorrow am shift and I am still here.


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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One of the night shift.12 CP wantons!Seaweed..yum yum!And miss goumet is with me!Happy birthday!I enjoyed eating food with you...no worries at all.
And Boyfriend treat me ajisen.He said he must be good to me so that I won't go find other guys.But how come his eyes only got food not me?The next day even treat me Carl Jr.Random took...same expression!And after so long, I finally meet daniel to chill.He treat me mac!I simply love people treat me good, buy things for me.I am very greedy...I love present.Last time I may be particular if you buy me food but now, I love because I spent alot on food.Met zhier randomly on bus.It was quite funny that I thought she changed her boyfriend.But the truth is her boyfriend let his hair grew longer.Well, I prefer his short hair.And after a long time, we finally meet up!He was singing Fang da tong's song while wearing the glasses.I enjoyed playing joo's glasses.The jacket also belonged to joo.They blocked me and I decided not to take.I still remembered the starry night when four of us chatted together until I fell asleep.Mr eddy, I will miss you while you are in home academy.
And daniel, joo and kat came my house after sending mandy home.
Kat and me was trying to teach joo how to play mahjong and this idiotic daniel kept disturbing.Sleep also must make noise.Glad that he fell asleep.
I am going har pow villa on coming friday!Looking forward to it.
I am craving for a break but Sister said I am going to stay for JCI.Give me my annual leave!

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