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Thursday, November 26, 2009

misses the art of kissing...


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Monday, November 23, 2009

Don't know hear from where...
"Friends admire my freedom yet, they returned back to their comfort zone at night".
as what I mention;
freedom does fun but there's a price to pay.


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Sunday, November 22, 2009

was chatting with annie few nights ago...
agreed this saying,
"no matter how much disagreements between each other, be a pillar when he/she needs you as a friend"
but normally, reality don't reflect what it says.
It's tiring to report work after dancing 5 hours non-stop.
& I am kinda of look upon myself that I can stand it...for going clubbing after afternoon shift and went straight to work after club.


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Woke up after 12 hours of sleep.
Ate waraku set meal, which consist of 1 soup, 1 ice tea, 1 pasta, 1 baked rice.
Then head down to changing appeptite to have waffles.
Went to jello to drink whisky.
Then had bak tuk teh for supper.
What a great mission then!


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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I am fool.
I betrayed my motto.
"rather be a fool than leading an unhappy life"
I just push a very good guy, who promise me to love me like god, out of my life.


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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I really wish to say until my voice cannot come out from my mouth.
Is not that you are not good enough,
the sheer bliss you given me,
made me even guilty to face you.


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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

u wait ah
i think how to tell u first
wait ah
i dont know how to put this thru the appropriate way
but i see ur fb n everything
i find that u have alot of frens
n uve been like clubbing n it's always clubbing fotos i always see
i nvr say it's wrong to club
but the thing is that
hw to put it
i seldom meet u
cuz maybe sometimes we both busy
im still abit pissed that u put aeroplane the last time we intended to meet up
n u met up with eddy instead
i know there's a certain reason behind that
but u know what?
i find myself not knowing u so well after all
u seemed so far away..
not the old xz i know already
i have no confidence to say that i know u anymore
i feel u are drifting away from me already
i feel that ur clubbing frens now are more impt then me..
i duno what my placement is in ur heart..
but to me
u r a very important fren
someone that's with me thru sec sch... sharing ups n downs tgt..
but now..
when u have troubles.. u dun approach me anymore
i feel ur frens out there know u better den i do..
i mean i know it's not neccesary dat i need to know EVERYTHING that u do..
but it seems i know nothing about u now..
rly nothing..
i dont know who u are. what u are doing anymore...
im sad..
i know u are feeling emo..
but the thing is
i dont know how i can help u..
because i dont know u well now...
i feel helpless...
u understand what im trying to put thru here?
im not blaming u or anything.. it's just that..
maybe someth or somewhat.. situations happened that cause this kind of things to happen
dat we r drifting apart or someth
the point im putting thru is, i wanna be someone useful to u
someone that u can have a support on whenever u are down..
but i dont find myself that useful anymore, becuz frens out there have been ur pillar of support rather than i am

bcuz if u rly wanna tell me U WILL TELL
thats becuz u dun feel like telling me
thats why u didnt
u know we have no truth to hide between us
u jolly well know that
but i understand why sometimes
there's always secrets that we will hide, so i nvr blame u at all
im jus voicing out
becuz everytime i see u emo, i feel like crying
n i dun dare to ask
becuz im scared u wudnt wanna tell m

My BFF's confession.
Touched until I felt my cheeks are wet..
I love you!
I am sad because I care...


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Today is a raining day.
The weather is cold.
It has made both my feets and hands cold...
my heart is also being injected with a syringe of mint...


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