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Monday, March 27, 2006

Super blur!
First thing, I fell asleep last night while taking a rest that end up I never bath and sleep.
I woke up around six and I forgot to swtich off the light at toliet.
I forget to bank in my money after I went jogging.
I forget to bring my phone out to work and went back to take.
I nearly lost my atm card as I dropped it on the floor.
I only realize I forget to bring my filled water bottle on bus.
I counted the stock and later found out there were another shelve of stock.And then forget to bring the paper with number of stocks after work that wasted my effort counting the stock.
I lost the bag tag so I need to pay for it.
I shouldn't put the scent that's for insomnia and I ended up yawning away.
The work place...alot of curfews...simply sux.

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Metro sale finally over and that means I longer need to took bus to tampines and changed train to expo!
Bought these shoes last minutes.It's x:odus!Actually both shoes were not my size.But they were so cheap!Nineteen bucks per pair.Some more it's x:odus!
Customers as usual; good and bad.Good ones tend to buy after some promoting and thinking while some will bargain and bargain like going market buy fishes.There was this customers who crapped from one end to the other and back to beginning.I can't stand her but I still keep my cool by smiling away.One particular hokkien pharse would describe her-"yin yin bo da ji zhuo".
Hope sengkang will be better.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Oh me god!
I just received and know this particular news!
Vincent had gone to NS and was leaving this sunday at 5pm!
I cannot do anything now.The sun will come up to work in few hours time and I had to work tomorrow.
He was so kind.He came to wait for me at my block around 11 plus just to pay lao niang's present and he didn't mention anything about his leaving!
What a "good" friend I am!

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

I am no longer in my vcd world.
I was now promoting the air purifier again at expo.Most probably going sengkang next week.
Recently I felt so sinful because I ate supper after my work!Remember, my aim is 40 kg.
And you know what the most saddening thingy?
My jeans are getting smaller and smaller.
I hate my size and shape!Full of fats.Must control my wallet as I need to buy a laptop.
Anyway, happy belated to lao niang(who ps me on her birthday for beauty sleep) and birthday to hahhah!
This were what we bought her.
A cheap brandless bag.
A sky pink puma belt.
A metal watch which can bite her hairy hand(grins*).
For hahhah, I shall not revealed after I gave her the present.Thanks for zipeng who accompany me to go bugis to buy her present and watch for lao niang.
I bought a new water bottle!
Simply just fall in love with puma.Lao niang's recommendation.
Well, don't you think DIY is a act of creativity?
I don't know why mama ordered this curtain for my windows.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

KNS lah!
I am now super free because I having my "holy" days and no one dates me!
Well, then I have to bide to all of you and gone to my vcd world.
Don't tear for my depart.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Took this when our fahana was around.
Trying to get everyone in the picture.
Took this when our fahana was around.
But seem like we cannot do it!
Adi was on the tv!
Have any idea what he was doing?
Farhan wannabe.
The two idiots simply wanted to be in this picture.
Yen Yee.Thanks for accompany me home always.
These were the two idiots...
I am proud of my braces!
Well...we were so close.
But not as close as...
Our staff nurse is so hardworking...
Took a group photo in the tearoom.

Charlene just don't like to be in the photo.
Nana and me...
We were so interested in taking photos that we took this in the lift.
I must say!This is the funniest attachment I had!
A red-hair babe.
A babe who always got questioned by lee.
A guy who loved home cook food so much.
A guy who cheat sec 3 girl.
A babe who must went back to school every week.
A babe who always gave good answer.
A babe who always seem to be very on.
A girl who always late by ten minutes.
A babe who get questioned for lending a hand.
A guy who always making noise.
A babe who copied only when presentation finished.
A babe who always have something to shoot back.
But I had to worry about money now!

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Friday, March 17, 2006

I got back my result and I had clear the stage!
D+ for psy and bio.C for clinical education and soc while C+ for the law and maternal thingy.B+ for the skills and B for the pharma stuffs.I didn't expect to score well for pharma.Anyway, my result not bad just need alot alot of hard work, effort and moviation will do.Pray hard I will study during holiday!
Anyway, my mum went genting and no one helped wash, iron clothing and clean the house.I had to help myself.
I saw a dog on train yesterday.It was meant for the blind who need use the dog for guiding purposes.But I think SMRT should consider this problem first before letting dogs on train since they might not able to bear.Somemore, SMRT even banned us from eating, drinking and bringing durian at mrt station outside the control station.
I wondered why they were so crazy about drug allergy.I almost freak out in this picture.I think he fractured his neck.Let us help him!What were in their minds?Trying to act cute?They never win me!Never seen her so crazy before.Charlene, I caught you!
So, thinking that we were so free in the ward?Applied nursing and have a taste how tough and stress and highly responsible our works are!These pictures were taken for just soothing purposes.
I love nuts so I am nut!Why the lecturer was unhappy with us taking manual blood pressure because she said,"Students, must take blood pressure on the floor!"And we did it on the table.
I want to pierce my ear again but I got caught by lee for the ear holes!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wondering will I pass my semester two.
Wondering will I can sign bond.
Wondering how can I get more money.
Wondering will I pass out as a staff nurse.
Wondering my future.
Wondering should retake my english.
Wondering will I pass my attachment.
Wondering will I promote to year two next week.
My head is spinning...
My soul is tire...
My heart... ... beating hard and fast now...

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Monday, March 13, 2006

The smell is terrible.Ok, I am diagnosied with smelly foot with varicose veins on my fat ugly thights.I think I really need to buy some air tight socking.
Went jogging with kat.I feel great whenever I jog because that was the only sport I am good at.
I did rectal medication today!First is the fleet then the bullet shape stuff.The bullet shape stuff required my finger to poke into the asshole.Please, I wore gloves so don't be mistaken my finger was full of shit!
Presentation tomorrow and results released on wednesday.Worry and worry...

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wanted to donate blood yesterday; but was rejected since I am too young!So deborah did alone.She can only donate one packet of blood to save one life.Thanks for treating me cheese tofu.
At night,I attended my first hip-hop class.I liked the way the instructor teaches rather than last time in nyp for some dance orentation.I missed steps...
Now my thoart was suffering.I think I ate too much fried food from the pasa lama.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

My life is too monotone!Not much changes!
Anyway, I changed a new skin!
Don't know which idiot said want to have presentation!
That idiot lee is really too much...kept on stressing us!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy belated to EddyJieme!!
When people change for the better, will they be happier?
or rather the people around them?
What is more aching than your own problems?
Can you see the tears behind the laughter?
... ...

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Formal shot.An informal with vincent's hair catching fire.Singing caused me to forget things around me.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Happy belated birthday to Vincent!
Went k-box and celebrate this wonderful event!Finally eighteen; can drink alcohol as he liked and watch M18.
After the session, I accompanied joo and cs to paragon to buy crumpler bag.
And I also bought one for myself!They were so loved with their bag and they wore it immediately.Wore the bag also feel got wind!Snap 1.Mine is the red one.Snap 2.Joo was forced to take this photo by cs.
Then we took photos with them.Where's joo's "crump crump"?Jealous?Buy yourself one then!This is the reason why Lim Yee Joo was lost for a period!Watched final destination 3. CS also cooked us mee to eat.So spicyHe even commented that my blog is not user-friendly.Maybe changed my blogskin soon.

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