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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4 days 3 night...
& I am now back in Sg!
Starting work on thur...& I am missing all those cute dresses in BKK!
& back to Sg, I need to face the $300 bills!
Giddy ZzzZzz!
Anyway, it's a great trip!Thanks to those ward 7 girls!


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How long can a person wait for his love ones?
When you say you will wait,
I truly wonder;
will you still wait if I will be together with another guy...


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am the lucky one.
I can feel,
I can see,
I can taste,
I can hear,
I can smell,
I can walk,
I can sing...
What's more I need ?
When I die, I will go as usual.
No love is ok...just a bit lonely.
No hugs hugs...
But I am really delight of what I have now.


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Monday, September 14, 2009

I was thinking just now...
Will I go back to him if he ever turn back to me?
The answer is no I suppose...
The reason is very simple.
Ever hear my theory of how husband betary wife?
If ever,
I found my husband sleep with a whore,
I don't mind.
But he go outside find a lover,
I will divorce with him.
So same here,
I will not go back to him anymore..
for now..
Because he has developed feelings for another girl.
You will did it again once you did it.
so ya...
Loving someone and being together with someone is different.
Loving someone can be hidden but being together with someone needs courage.
In the first place, he already don't have the courage to give me a title so I have to believe we are just being lonely, accompany for each other.


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Sunday, September 13, 2009

AH dinner & dance.
At first, I thought it will be super boring.
But it turned out to be so fun!
I really enjoy myself...
Photo taking and laughter filled the whole night.
After that, I went clubbing with x-ray ashley.
Because ismail is drunk!
And got korean guys asked whether can dance with us...so funny!

在長長夜里, 最想念的是你的抱抱。


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Saturday, September 12, 2009

I know I shouldn't hai hai now.
Tell you the truth,
I don't like to show people how weak I am.
most of them my facial expression is
But sometimes,
I really feel like resting somewhere.
Sorry to call up and disturb...
I also don't want but friday at home is really bore.
Ok ok...
be strong,
to let those idiots taste my poisons...


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Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally watched it!
The front is a bit dry...
But the most touching part is her love with Arthur 'Boy' Capel...
What is the longest distance in world?
Unable to be with your love ones.
At least,
he don't love me.
nothing to regret about.
Continue letting my soul goes travelling,
to appreciate how beautiful life it is.


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I finally finished amy chueng's 收到你的信已經太遲.
Is like,
since I can't physically go for tour...
then let my mind, my soul be.
Love the story...
It's a happy ending anyway.
I liked happy ending.
I loved her novels because she can makes strangers related to each other.
After reading this novel,
I felt happy that I am single.
As free as a bird...can miss whoever I want to.
Sad thing is nobody message so...I am waiting for my BFF to do that...
He said he will..
I am someone who believe in people easily.
So don't promise me anything.
Just like the first love in the story how he promise her but broken the promise...
She found a better guy...
Miss him now...we parted in the 長夜...& I miss him in this 長長夜...
Don't let him know...
He will be happy...or maybe a little annoy...


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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I have a gossiping session with my colleague =)
She told me
jealous= insecure
I shall heed her advice
not to look at his profile anymore.
Thanks for your encouragement...
I feel so pretty right now.
I feel so thin right now.
It's his loss to lose me and it's not mine!

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I don't know...
My heart is having a sharp pain,
like someone has use a knife stabbing it continously.
It's jealous...
So awful.
Damn it.
Do I love him?
Yes...but that's the past because I told myself to let go the day he left me, heartbroken.
Maybe...I already know what is
"I love you so I love you enough to let you go"
Since I never ever made him happy at all.
He is not meant for me,
why should I occupy him and waste my time?
The only thing I am sad now is


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Monday, September 07, 2009

Today my longest ex called me.
So stunned that I don't even know how to react.
Well, someone actually read my blog...I got fan...can sing lady gaga's paparazzi!
Anyway...I was really stunned that my reply is mono-type.
Closed ended question.

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

I saw his profile...he had a girlfriend...oh gosh!
Joy arh joy,
don't cry, I am warning you not to shed a single for someone who don't love you.
Joy arh joy,
don't get angry, for once, be graceful and wish them all the best.
Joy arh joy,
don't get too upset... at least, for now on, someone will continue your burden in your heart.
Joy arh joy,
love yourself more as friends are around you to see in your best!
Joy arh joy,
pull up your sock, the world won't collaspe just because he don't love you.
Joy arh joy,
breath in and out...cool down, tachycardiac won't do good to your body.
Joy arh joy,
you belong to yourself, him too.You owe him and neither him.
Joy arh joy,
I know you are sad...not happy...but do you think it is worth to be in such mood for such a jerk?
Joy arh joy,
stop lying and daydreaming.The truth has shown...he don't give a bloody damn to you.
Joy arh joy,
do you think he will be guilty for what you are in now?The answer is no, he will be laughing at your foolishness.
Joy arh joy,
those words once that came out from his mouth is over.Grow up, don't be a love slave.
Joy arh joy,
there is lots of things for you to trobule about...field teams, cardiac team, fine stitching...move on.He doesn't belong to you.
Joy arh joy,
I know the news has spoil your day...but only today...not the future.
Joy arh joy,
no wonder how hard is your fists is, the truth is the truth!
Joy arh joy,
you will get better and better.You upset now but on the hand, he maybe hugging someone blissfully.
Joy arh joy,
throw out all your vulgarities...I will know you want to...


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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tell you something...
I never message him for 2 two days...
Neither did him.
I always wonder,will a guy think of me when I left...
I don't think "dear" will...
And also 2 days never tear...
Will you guys happy for me?

某某人 is the same.I message him, but he never reply.

Life shouldn't have regret, because I once love him so much.
Giving all my best for my love ones.
Please don't hate me, for once, I say I love you means I really do.

Someone say I am too serious for love.
She said too serious is not a bad thing, but not putting yourself 100% jump into the pit...

I don't mind jumping into the pit...but I scare I can't climb out if you left me.

I am not someone who know how to fake emotion...my emotions, most of the time, is written all over my face.
I think that's why people who is with me is very stress up...I can get upset for little stuffs.
But isn't my honest characterist that attracts you?

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