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Sunday, July 31, 2005

This weekend is where my pocket had a big hole.Since my mum gave me some money few days ago, I decided to try my very the best not to ask her for money. Anyway I bought this top yesterday at Far East for ten bucks as the shop is havign a moving out sale. Really cheap! Miss Y bought two shirts for twenty.
Actually, we were at orchard for a youth concert that turned out to be a service. Mr E called Kat-ty to call people but he was not the one asking us to go for the service.He was also kinda of "cheated" as his friend told him it was a concert.
Four of us shared a small cup of three flavour ice-creams(blueberry, nutty mania and watermelon). Scrolled along orchard and we took neoprints at cineleisure(My sis didn't bother to install the scanner so I cannot show). It was a wonderful day and there is a kiki and lala frame on a neoprint!
I was late for exco meeting.Woke up exactly on the starting time because I set the wrong timing.Sorry for those who tuned up punturelly. After that, Daniel, Mr E, kat-ty, Junhao and me went to KFC to eat lunch.
Went swimming around 2.20pm. I was in the medium pool while others in the deep pool.Yup, I am kinda of fear that I will drowned into the deep pool. But it was so boring in the medium pool especially there were so many couples around! While I was stone-ing, people were looking at my direction and then I realized there was a toddler crying. Dumbfounded and her relative came shortly.
This image was taken when we were walking toward the pasar lama. Do I looked like a blind girl?Anyway, this was not my spec.It's daniel-gor's.
Continue the spect's fun in John Little. I think the spec that I took with the open mouth suited me more. The black one is making me looks a bike girl. I am too innocent to be too cool.Muhaha!

The coffeeshop was too crowded. Kat-ty and me had to eat under the void deck. She was trying to cope with the busy society by holding the packet of ice lemon tea while eating. Comment from me: please make full use of daniel...he was not eating.

These were bought from pasar lama.Why is there no kiki and lala!So sad!Anyway, it was cheap...it costs only one bucks. Pasted them on my phone until....

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Friday, July 29, 2005

I am pretty happy today!Let's see some picture taken few days ago.

A lion in Yishun!My gosh!Actually, it was a dog. Thick fur that makes it looked like a dog. Taken outside New York Pizza near Miss Y's house. It didn't bark but it really scared me at first.

A belated present from my sis Jiawen.I begged her to give one. My gosh, xjoyz, you are so thick-skinned.Anyway, the perfume is nice.Thanks, sis.

The violin(SVC/04/02) I used in String Ensemble.Managed to borrow it since the teacher is having a two-weeks holiday. Although I only knew how to play the screaming of chicken now, I will tried my best to learn!

My card reader. Finally bought one today from Sim Lim Square after such a long time I saidI buy one. A ja-ba-lang brand but rather than nothing. Jacksheng and Miss 0 bought the same one as me...3In-1. Ivan said he wanted to buy printer but in the end spent 90 percent of his money buying other stuffs. Sensei Yanlong...I think he never buy anything...he is only there as a mentor on buying things and a psyco to psyco Ivan buy other stuffs instead printer.

Bought from Veeko today with discount of 70 percent at plaza singapura. $59 became seventeen and seventy. Cheap, worth to buy since it was my mum treat.

My hyperactive cousin and uncle.He was wearing the same landyard as me and was performing a pole dancing on mrt. MuHahaha... He loved to took mrt train.I can forseen his future as train driver.

Back to real life...still got so many to study....

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cool?I am acting cool and strong, I will never let people look down on me although my heart is pondering like crazy.Anwway, I really think that I am so cool in this picture. Posted by Picasa

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Oh, it's me again...with Junhao's cap. Posted by Picasa

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Yes, I am staring at you!Not happy isn't? Posted by Picasa

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This is how the dragon boat row the boat.Anyway, there was no paddle.He had to use a plate to demostrate it.Ok, I knows you love dragon boat like hell, please start the fire. Posted by Picasa

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So pityful...Hmm...don't be mistaken!He was just sitting down to wait for people. Posted by Picasa

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Milk plum...Ate dried strawberry just now, but it was not up to standard.I still prefer those from umeya.Ordered a pair of grey contact lens...looking forward to it. Posted by Picasa

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Dearest Sensei Yanlong, your card reader is still with me?When are you seeing me to get it back?Or you are going to give me?Wow, then I will not reject your sincere request...Thanks, ai li ka tok... Posted by Picasa

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My miindmap.This shown that I really put in effort although I was always tired while doing it.Q, I will not let you look down on me. Posted by Picasa

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Nearly killed by this chair.I was playing online games and it suddenly split apart.But it was not because I am too fat and heavy causing it to spoil.It was spoil in the first and I was the unlucky one to be the last to sit on it.Spot the tape? Posted by Picasa

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Friday, July 22, 2005

My mole...kinda of looks like xiao u, yang cheng lin's. Anyway,mole is a benign tumor. Benign tumor is harmless, does not spread to other organs and it can exist for many years.It has a well defined structure and grows slowly.Posted by Picasa

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My fingers were getting shorter and shorter...Don't you think so? Posted by Picasa

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Yup, I watched this show with my sis eddy.I just wanna release my stress from the lab test. Anyway, eddy paid some of the money, so why not? Funny with some sort of lame.Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Super slacking when coming toward the exams.Stress too...
Will I be that lucky again to pass all my exams and proceed my clinical posting?
Huiling told me that she nearly hit by the lamp this morning.Luckily,or else I will be serving her in ttsh.
Chilled out in school with chin siong while waiting for the girls for violin.I am losting hope in it.I don't know how to play except the D and A string. We played the rubber ball, laughed at the life guard and watched a girl in stadium saying that she lost five kilograms but her instructor, I assumed, saying that she is still fat. She even said she cannot lost weight anymore and the leftover is all muscle while her instructor had fat in it.It's quite amused.Some sort of bad to have such thought.
Reached home at 10plus...

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Had a terrible nightmare last night!Fear! I didn't turned up for my exam and I only knew that after the exam was over.At that very moment when I was in mess, didn't know what to do, I woke up. Another was a les thingy that one of my girl friend confessed that she was in love with me and wanted me to date with her.Gross...I haven't become a les yet. I am still interested in man.

Happy ending in the end.Yes, I finished watching the little bride. I was mad...crazy to get marry after finished the show.Anyway, I was quite stunned to find that the female role, han zhi hui, is actually 170cm tall.10 cm taller than me. She looked so small in the show. She looked a bit like one of my friend.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

My japanese name is 秋本 Akimoto (autumn book) 三千代 Michiyo (three thousand generations).
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My tetsuliu is 橡膠果實.
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My very British name is Amanda Watson.
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My fairy name is Twinkie Singing Shoes.
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My dragon name is Atma the Ash Creator (White Dragon).
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My dudette nickname is angel angel.
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My "Fab New name is...." is The Little Mermaid.
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My Stage Name is Miranda Reading.
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My flower child is Tarty "new age" far out.
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Saturday, July 16, 2005

This chocolate...I watched a japanese moive and there was a girl who love to eat this chocolate very much.Anyway, it was really nice.Still remembered during my sec3 and 4 years, Kar!n bought chocolate to school. Posted by Picasa

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Dear saw hu!,
Sorry I cannot celebrate your birthday with you.Anyway, I wanted to wish you a very very happy birthday.Althought my body was not by your side on 14 july 2005, my soul will always with you if you need support, comfort...Stay cool and joy because joy is always around!
From your five years friend, who get to closer with you two years ago, Joy Tan Xiang Zhou.

My gosh!My practical test is on next friday.No preparation at all...theory test is on next next tuesday.What the hell!
My dad gave me a lecture before I came to school. Kinda bad mood today, don't provoke me or esle...muhahaha!
Anyway, if I passed everything successfully, I will be posted to Tan Tock Seng hospital right after my exams. All the best to my posting but my exams first.
I was nodding and nodding during q's lesson. Just felt like sleeping in her class.
Currently watching this show.The male role is so handsome, female role is so funny...

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Today was Joo's 17th birthday.Happy birthday, Miss Y.
After my lab lesson, I just went to K-box to help celebrate.But, she was out that time. Only left cs, mr e and mandy.So we sang songs to kill time.
Sorry, hannah...put your aeroplane.I was supposed to go the 6.30 class with you.But I chose k-box. Sorry.Forgive me?
Miss Y was finally back and then came others who wanted to had dinner with her.Miss Y treated everyone of us ice cream. Thanks!Although we said we wanted to eat dinner together, Miss Y left as her family called her back to celebrate.Too bad...
Violin class was bore.But at least I caught some skills.
Ate a XXL pizza for dinner, there created my tummy again!
Tears dripped uncontrobally when I was viewing a vedio by Joo.
Anyway, Saw hui, happy birthday!All the best!

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This was taken during last sunday gathering.Nice? Posted by Picasa

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Monday, July 11, 2005

my present~ Posted by Picasa

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