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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I completed 6 days out my nine straight shifts.Off day= pay day...I am waiting for you.
Too bad, I requested am shift for boyfriend's birthday but was REJECTED.
Boyfriend,I will help you celebrate on sunday ok...
Don't be too sad...
My 2nd anniversary present from boyfriend.
Not use to without braces...but boyfriend said I am more pretty without braces.
Anyway, went to have makan session with collagues.What a family photo!This arfan...mummy rinah's boy.Very cute right?Especially with his bowl-like hair.Rozi is very very tired...
Last monday, I went my ben ben de's house for dinner.Not her house but her grandparents' house.So thick-face right?But it was so heart-warming to see them still gathered weekly.
And her the xian cao drink by granny is best afterall =)

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Friday, April 17, 2009

As you can see,
I had my braces removed!
Boyfriend is going to sponsor me whitening cream!


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life's like roller coaster...ups and downs...I will look at the bright side of life.Thanks anna for the chocolate.Sick still took money to buy chocolate.This season...hopitalisation season.This is so funny!!15 april.Germs's birthday...it also means we have been together for a period of time.While waiting for you.Looks like you are amazed.Let's tuck in!Very very full.Did you enjoy yourself?I want lilo...LOLBoyfriend, thanks for being with me, caring for me.Loves*


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Monday, April 13, 2009

I am in deep fear.
I am tire.
I feel like running away...
but will it help?


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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to ben ben de!
Happy birthday to you!
Muacks*a kiss was blew to you from right I am now.
Went out with ben ben de last night.This ass...forget about our date so I ended up going with her friend too.But anyway, her friend is nice because they treat me very good!Oh...we were at holland V yesterday.
See how excited am I because it was my first time there.At cold rock, swing until I want to sleep.
Anyway, just a simple meal and chill and that's makes me smile =)

Today I feel very sad.
Because my chop cum access card had ran away from home.


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Monday, April 06, 2009

Don't know what happen recently.
Took bus to work and actually miss my bus stop.
Not once but TWICE!
Walked until I bumped onto biohazard bin and Dr S.G. was laughing happily at me.
Walked and slipped...suffered a small cut over my right elbow.And there were people asking whether I need wheelchair.
Anyway went to have dinner with my nss friends.Mao square.With boy boy.Hiding his pimple.Using cam cam's zoom feature.Peeping tom.
Nearly forget the basic ECG workshop.Part-time lecturer?Tea-break...super big cucumber.He's so willing to take photo after styling his hair.Surprise visit of amy.In the lift.Tired after lesson.
At work, ah teh and mei mei.Met luyin on my way back home.

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Friday, April 03, 2009

It's a long time since my last update.
Too bad, I am just being busy.
Well, well, well...
K buffet with Ms glutton at the same old place at the same old room.
I tried to upload the video taken by her but I can't since time don't allow.
Well,shall upload another day then.
And went dinning with my Boyfriend on last saturday.I am famished!That two small pathetic muffins was served first to ease the hunger.Our food...actually I want chicken soup pot.In less than half an hour time...that's snapple belonged to me RIGHTFULLY.Caught sqeezing pimple.
And went JB with my mum and aunt since no one free on my off day.
The very very nice duck "resturant" in JB.
As you see, they got tired very easily.
The purple ice cream below is cotton candy; nicer than the top one.
And accompanied Fida for lunch today.Gathering photos for my ablum.
When I came back, I saw smelly sleeping away.
Don't know what he waiting for...after work still stay back;must be waiting to go jogging with someone.
Oh by the way, I actually need to see the dentist on my off day but I am still at home on the appointment time.So I changed it to today.
Surprisingly, he told me I maybe taking out my braces on my next visit.
Well, who knows I will change my appointment again.

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