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Monday, October 31, 2005

I jumped out of my bed the minute I heard my phone rang. It was Charlene, calling at nyp, asking where I am. It was 9.10 and I knew I definitely won't make it for trina's lecture. So, I rushed to avoid missing Cindyma's lab.Lab is a must and there is make-up if you fail to attend.
I had to my books today. Two thick and odour slacks of papers. I assumed everyone passed by me would think I am a nerd. It was so heavy! I just simply threw them on floor along with my bag while I was on train to arrange my stuff. Were there alot of eyes looking at me?I betted so, I am definitely the centre of attraction.
I looked in the mirror outside lab.Red cheeks with messing hair. Scuks!Anyway, the lesson was absorble like the whisper advertisement.
Actually, nyp has a good stadium.Quiet and windy.No disturance.A good place for pinic.Second time went there to have lunch.
Going exercise... ...

Hahhah went to meet ting ting so we had a chance to enter the su room. It was in terrible state. Everything was in mess. We walked to the library while ting ting went to distribute the biscuits for SNA(S'pore Nurses Association).

Saw Jovell and min min at library.Chatted abit while the three of them waited for elective to start.

Well,I had to announce that my elective was cancelled thanks to deepavali!

Not to miss any chance of forgetting my Heb B vaccine. I went for it today.So sweet, the nurse helped me inject said my bag and shoes are nice and femine.XP

Get influenced by annie; bought stuff from woodlands mrt station.

Some photos taken before.

Daughter of Mummy's ka ki(majong friend). I was feeding her while taking this photo. She cried because she couldn't sleep.

The blur ghost came out the wrong month.I can't breathe and my vision was blur.So what if I am a chao ah lian(bad girl)?

Walking alone is actually very lonely.

Thinking of future?

The girl at the edge.

Annie was fond of her primary school.

Two of us wearing bands bought from Cineleisure.Tire.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Went to nyp gym on Friday with hannah and suba. Easily got bore with machines after 5 to 10 minutes.So I was changing and changing the machines. Proceeded to e-plaza and printed out all e-stuff.
Finally can sit.Nice to have such view on train.
As usual, went home and sat in front of television and computer before going to sleep.
Saturday.My brother was the first to get out of house. Becoming more bother about his appearance.He was making his hair and I went to "help" him.
Then I went service with annie in the afternoon because she missed Friday night.
Went to orchard at night.Ate ice-cream at CK tang again before settle dinner at Far East's Long John. She had decided to stay in SR. Able to assume that her school got alot of leng zai(handsome guys).

"Puntured" my ear again. It had been a long time I did this. Annie was making those in pain faces while the girl was "punturing". Ouch... although I appeared to be calm and the pain went from upper part of ear to just the wound site.

Scrolling around in Orchard...took photos. This is taken at Fareast.

I looked too mature that I think people won't realize I am just seventeen.The two of us.The best shot of the day!At Pacific plaza.

I like high shoes!At Shaw.I thought so.Introducing handsome guy(?).Harry Potter.
"Hello,I will be late home."

Shopped till nearly twelve then returned Yishun by train.Well, not uneventful trip (for her?). She banged into a indian guy while being a mobile mirror for me. The indian reacted too great most od the people were looking at us. And all I did was laughed out loud. What kind of friend I am? She also stepped on someone's shoe and an super rude uncle put his hand above her head.

It was not the end of day. After buying supper for my sis, we went to chong pang's mac to chill.

She was eating ice-cream.I was drinking ice lemon tea.Took on the way home. I need a atm!

My fear.Do you understand?

Died on the roadside. Update more when time allowed....

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

My nervous system didn't worked well today. As a result, RoYAL clOwN became super blur queen today.

First thing of the day, I rushed back home to get my wallet.

Secondly, I didn't know there was a lab lesson. I wore skirt and didn't bring the lecture notess.

Thirdly, I brought the wrong book to school and someone commented that I terribly love maternal and infant care lecture.

Then, I nearly tripped down at the escalator.

Missed the audition.

My fingers were now covered with super glue.

Fine, fine, fine... ...not really that unlucky.

At least, not a big big mistake.

Went to J8 to have lunch.

Proceeded to Thai express after finding LJS was too crowded.

Either Jovell or Charlene commented that Germ loved this place alot because of the orange layout.My lunch- curry over soft shell crab with stream rice and watermelon ice blended.Waiting patiently for the food to come.

Here came the food and they were waiting for me to snap a photo of it.

Germ rushed down here for lunch after her group meeting. I am contented to be in the same group with a very last minute teammate, Farhan. No long hours and frequent group meeting. Anyway, Germ's soup was spicy even though it looked as plain as water.

Slept through biology lecture again...

See how fast my recovery. Looking forward to lab lesson by Cindy-ma(Jovell named after the channel u 10pm show)

Anyway, Charlene, germ and jovell were so unlucky that they were mistaken for chatting while Cindy did the demostration. Her lesson was far better than q's because she looked more friendly.

SMS Annie to ask her about the audition. She told me that she was tested by the eugene from the last time adult cell group and supposed to act like a bad girl(ah lian) acting julia!? Well, no comment.

It's me again.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Since I am currently the leader for group 25.I will have to book lab for my group mates.Then, the response for extra lab practice was... ...better than exco meeting. grins.

Then I found that the lab was not booked for us when I reached there. Anyway, the stuff was kind enough to let us use since no one was using the lab.

And I realized something. I didn't know how to communicate in a prefect way. Well, I abmit that I don't like to speak up and I am a sponge. Maybe my external scares people away.I confessed I enjoyed acting cool. Ok, maybe it was my retribution for dozing asleep during caroline's communication lecture. Anyway, I will work hard to improve my communication tatics.

Bored, tired... Why is my life always filled with these two words?

Maybe I don't have time management.

I wanted to earn money by taking part-time and my mum said, "how are you going to work when you don't even have the time to study?"


Friends, date with me!But not during my exams please!



Nothing to write...watch reaching for stars...

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Studied hard till very hot.So I bun up my hair.In a state with lots of fear...

Art and craft or home econ? Not bad... I still remembered I got distinction for art in secondary two.

This is charlene's.Not bad...just looked like artifical breast only. It omes with a straw for breastfeeding.It's me.I am so hardworking, came to computer lab during break.

My favourite website- simplyzure.blogspot.com

It's great to see this scene in computer lab.

What were they doing?

Crazy about PSP.

Jovell took this while waiting for me.She was hungry while waiting for me.

Took this before biology lecture start. I don't look like myself.The topic was so boring.Photoshooting time!

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