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Monday, March 31, 2008

So my weekend was spent with my smelly boy.Went to watch bucket list.
Some parts were dry.No subtitles so boyfriend slept halfway through.And we had Carl Jr before the show.
Luckily, we shared the meal.The criss-cross fries are nice!
I realised something these few days.
There is a bump at my chin.This was taken yesterday.It's getting bigger day by day.
I thought it is a pimple but pimple won't grow.
I concluded that it is a insect bite.Maybe smelly boy brought some bugs from tekong.I don't want to be like him. ;(
I also fear of dengue now.


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Ok, I posted something just now.He called when he reached tekong.That's so sweet!
Why am I so sad just now?
That's because I was reading through some of my friends' blogs.
I really envy them that they managed to get into local university.
And I looked at myself.
All I can do is sigh and sigh...
I admit I am lazy and slow learner;
which make me lose out in the crowd.
I am shy and reackless;
which my EQ low(?).

Quite a handful of people discourage me from retaking o's.
And my dad threw away my biology stuffs.
I hoped there will be a kind soul from biology class will lend or even give me his/her biology stuffs to retake my o's.
Hope he/she come soon before I don't want to retake anymore.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I love sad songs.
They make me tears but I still love them.
And yoga lim's 背影 just tear me before he went army.
After he went, I realized I actually expected too much.I didn't tear at all.
Today, I sent him to pasir ris and took 39 home.
Maybe he called and asked me whether I managed to find the bus stop touched me. I just felt a sudden sadness when I heard the song in my blog.
I started to worry now.
I spent a lot and army's allowance is pathetic.
Just a few days, we had finished spending his pay from his company.
He said he don't want to go out next week.
Go out= spend $
Just worrying about the future now...


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just opened the mail with the group photo inside.Take 1Shot 2Little Ryan dropped by my house on Sunday.You should see how he wake up naturally.From his expression, I assume he is having a nightmare.
Went to Alexander hospital on Monday.Actually I was early but I forget to bring my bankbook and BCLS certificate so I rushed back home to take.No extra charges and it cost me nearly to 17 bucks.I wonder what if I am late from work again.I can't possible take cab everyday.
Dropped the idea to SNB since I couldn't find any shop that took passport photo near Alex and it is going to close.
Met up with germs, ting to buy present for hana but we ended up after asking her to carry the bag to show us before paying it at the cashier.
Had dinner at Mario kitchen.I finally know where is Tan Quen Lan street.The food is ok...they said they are full but I felt like munching something after dinner.
We ended up at Harry's at esplanade for some cocktails.
Went to do something to my hair earlier today.Treatment plus trimming.I was lost while finding the place...and lost again when returning home.Really not good in direction.Took passport photo outside the MRT station.First time using the photo booth machine.The machine never help me cut the photo so I went home and cut myself.As I can't draw a straight line using free hand, the photo cutting turned up very ugly.Anyway, my face is not spoiled so that's ok.

P.S. If zoom in little ryan's photo, a hole will be seen in the photo.
Curious how I look in short hair, covered the curls in the passport photo.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I had a nightmare.Well, I decided to retake those subjects I flunked during o level and the dream is about how I miss my biology practical.
Anyway, met up with missy vell to buy something on Wednesday.
My hair is thick again!Had to tie up or else I will look very haggard.
But most importantly is FOOD.FOOD = ENERGY.
After few minutes of discussion, we settled it at changing appetite.
Chocolate something.Drinking her cookies and cream shake but still eyeing on the chocolate.Her main course is that burger.The waiter is very attitude...Fries.Mine is the one in the hot pan.
There is actually another dish called Texas wrap.It tasted like curry puffs.We were like spending 10 bucks eating curry puffs.
Before we parted...we ended didn't what we intended to buy."Take picture also so long!"Hair in mess.Anyhow clipped the hair since I received the call from someone special.Artistic poser...Don't know why I looked so happy in this picture.She tried to pose like the leader who run away but it seem like she is so happy to bought so many food.
Went to repair psp on Thursday.I left the shop after one hour.Took bus to pasir ris.Sometimes, I love taking bus...can look around; think about the past, freshen the thoughts.
I was sitting at the bus interchange for half an hour then I realized I wait at the wrong place.Even I managed to know the waiting time, he is still not there yet.See, he coloured his glasses.He looked cute but I just don't like he coloured it.S L SEE..reminded of my ex... he's K B SOH. Some vulgarizes initial.Boyfriend also laughed when he heard that.I really love to be with him...we can communicate.Like intimacy, our ex-s, future, plans, stupid stuffs we did and others.
Maybe we are the same, we are practical type of people.Put his smelly cap on my nice hair.
I was woke up by him on Friday.This idiot called me and told me it is 2 plus.He said he got no time to meet me.And I looked at my cellphone...it's 9 plus!Stupid boy...want to scare people out the bed.

Watched fatal move in the afternoon.Boyfriend's treat...I don't mind watching free show.He likes those fighting and blood spilling everywhere show.
The one who attracted my attention is tian nu who called su su in the show.On the way back to pack his bag.Met them at night.See mei fang!
Broke again...party world that night was expensive.I wondered if it is due to public holiday.
Super hard to meet--er cong.
Joo went stun after I took this photo.
And some emo photos I took.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

He was back from camp.
He coloured his glasses with black marker.
He had his head shave.
He piggyback me.FINALLY!
He will meet me in less than 24 hours time..not forgetting those lovely guys from nss.
He will booked in soon too...

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008



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Monday, March 17, 2008

Was here on last Friday.Nice drawing on the toilet wall.I had a date with her.NOT ALWAYS BOYFRIEND...I told my mum I am going out with friend.
She replied, "I thought your boyfriend went army?I thought you only have your boyfriend, cut off contact with your friend."Scrolling along the road and she said she is hungry.It tasted like latte...no white chocolate flavour. =(She is so happy as she has the hungry pang and caffeine attacks at that time.My eyes looked big. =)
We met up again the next day since joo is having chalet.Thanks for the stuffs and invitation!
I was a bit piss on the way to meet her.I was standing and leaning against the glass wall near the train entrance.All of the sudden, I felt someone was squeezing me.To my surprise, I saw a woman was leaning against the pole.As the train continued to travel, her friend kept on on talking to her while this woman kept banging on me.I was making the lizard sound and she simply ignored it.Don't know why...I just feel a bit discomfort since I don't even know her.You see, there should be a comfort distance between people.The feeling is just like someone who never met before just stand so close to you and speak right into your face.
Lunch at subway...Calories checklist!Went for Australia uni fair.I suddenly realized I need lots or even tons of money!My artistic picture taking.My fringe is thick and long again.
Supper after the chalet.Her super hungry face!And my noodles with a juicy duck drumstick!
I just can't kick off the habit of finishing food fast.Since I eat so fast, I tend to get full easily.So my unfinished share was eaten by Jovell.
Took a cab home.Midnight charges is 50%...$35.
Just register for o level.I am retaking those subjects I flunk and it cost me over $200.
I am crying for money to drop from the sky now.


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Friday, March 14, 2008

I gotten my result.I did badly and my gpa dropped to 2.3++.
Anyway, that not the bad news.My psp spoiled AGAIN.This time I got my ben ben to accompany me to amk hub since she stayed opposite only.See, she's so nice.Bought a dessert just because I wanted to try it.
Met smelly on wednesday and ate dinner with his company."Hongkong legs"~Raining like cats and dogs and his shoes were all wet.Barefoot to wash his legs.We went to watched 10,000 BC because he want to see how animals look like in ancient times.While waiting for the movie...luckily, the people in cinema didn't complained about his feets.
Went to meet him on Thursday.By the time I reached his house, Javier and wilfred already reached...I am the last.So they sent us to pasir ris to take the bus to the jetty.We were leaving...Boyfriend and girlfriend.*Honey candy*
I still can feel the shakiness of the boat.I wonder if he feel the same."Ah boy, must be good boy ok."See, door gift to welcome us.That's a layout of his bed.Even got exhibition.I thought is a fake one.But in fact, he's alive!Mummy and son...Last but not least, a healthy free army meal.Little hawk, I am waiting to see you soon and piggyback me!

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