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Monday, May 29, 2006

Ma-ju-lah Singapura.
It's a nice song after all;can sing at the top of my lungs since no longer her lesson.
Loo is back but doesn't make any different to me but not that worst than cleaner.At least, I survived in his lesson!But I dozed off immediately after his lesson.When I opened my eyes, I saw half of the class was sleeping.Some more, the lecturer was saying"Please don't bring your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse to lecture!"
Come on, who will bring them to such a boring lecture!
Went to gym yesterday with van and vin.Actually planned to go safra but it is so expensive.$15++.Ten times more than yishun stadium.
During new york pizza time, I was saying did vin called back to singapore when he was in camp.He repiled no and asked why bother to call back.My reply was," can call people to return money" before purchasing our pizza.
I ended up paying for them.And vin was saying,"Please don't call in the middle of the night.I want to sleep".I replied again saying, "yup, send a pighead by DBL to tekong right!"
I want to buy a laptop...please inform me of any job opportunies.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Finally watched Da Vinci Codes!I liked detective show.Very impressed of how they solved the mystery.After all, I only remembered this pharse "as she rest under the starry sky...".Isn't it sound so beautiful?
Felt so fortunate to have this groups of friend.Vin passed his drink around to asked the girl want to have a slip while big jack gave me straw since they never gave me one.
Cathy woodland service dropped.Serving attitude bad and serving time is long.The food turned out cold!No straw provided.Hired more people!
Went back to kampong to have supper while jack bros went home.My third time this week to have mac.Discussing about the election stuff.Questioning why they did that.Next time must vote for her if she becomes a MP.Luohan fish a day.She came after we finished our supper and we bided each other.As for vin and van's photos, sorry, lazy to take out my digicam to post.
Friday was just meant to slack.Posing with farhan's cap.
And his sunglasses.That's bacteria.Min min and me.She hadthe same fate as me, being rejected for donating blood.The netball match was finally finished!As predicted, SSC won!

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Why am I crying?No point to shed a tear.It's just a small thing.No need to cry and make myself a fool.I will soon overcome it.Read on the entry to reveal reason for crying in front of mcdonald.
Oh my god!
They are back now!
In duo!
They are super hot!
I can't resist!Scandal.They are not gay!
Vanness & Kangta.They are back with their latest =scandal=.
There is no wrong to look at handsome guy.He definitly look cool with this spec.One word.Cool.
Sort of get high with korean guys like lee jun ki.
Defintely better than anyone that people to pair me up with.Those guys especially that one with name start with a just make me want to shit from my mouth.Anyway, I already shit four times and my asshole is tearing apart now.Back to the point,I already hint(scold him even he teach me something,scold cb, gave a black face) to scam off but still hanging there like supergule.
Chern ern,your "good" deed joy will never forget it.You will get it back even it take ten years down the road.
I will overcome you,MC-SPICY!

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Joy was super tired now.Had to cut short the entry.
What happened on the 24th of may?
-Confronted chern ern for some sickening stuff.
-Having tutorial not by schi-goh and germ yelled in pain when the lecturer asked me to pinch her.
-Kuma's tutorial was so funny and guys are feeling horny.
-My uncle is so free that he always go far away to eat meals.
-Ate sour plums during cleaner's class and people in LT are getting more and more disrepecting her by slamming the door, laughing very loudly in the LT.
-Went Ya Kun to eat roti toast and charlene immediately felt stomach pain.
-Went to netball league meeting.
-Went to YJC for some musical thingy and skipped my rock climbing since eddy not going.
-Saw mao just right in front of me, less than two metres, singing proudly.
-Concert looked like having lecture.
-Went home and eat again.
Before entering the auditorium.Before the concert starts.My ticket.The MC and that guy did a better job.Choir started first.Hazel in the middle.Mao(red) did a good job for joinning the choir because only that guy(blue) beside him and himself can make it.Anyway, the skin colour of that guy is really...that kind I want.Just for your information,It's hangten umbrella.The two guys' actions were so cute;made me laugh!Hazel and Joy.Mao, lingz and joy.Ex-yjc-ians.Music people.Li nan's looke alike, germs' long lost twin.This guy memorise all the scores.Solo singing without microphone.A-level music teachers.Surprise audience.
Forgot to take picture of germ and her friend.
I want to sleep...but I haven't study yet...

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy birthday to Yen Yee!Age is a woman's secret so better don't reveal.
ICA was sort of successful and "zhang po zhi" was quite "impressed" with the references.Required more client-focus and analysis.
Biology prac was still better compared to lecture conducted by cleaner although a little bit fast.Meeting and meeting.I was teaching cheng ern to use my camera.Typical charlene's mode.We are trying to hold charlene's dropping breasts.Oh...my hair really looked dried grass.They are very good buddies.Cheng ern was held as hostage.See his hairstyle, do you think he need to comb his hair?The funniest thing is that he brought a comb to to school.
Anyway, I put charlene, germ and minmin's aeroplane!Sorry...not meant to.
And I was rejected thrice for donating blood due to having fever on election day.But I still have free breakfast.
Went to computer lab to meet the birthday girl.She was so stress up and did her notes while joy print out a whole slack of notes because the stupid computer cannot receive messenger well. Carmen saw me and I realized we are learning the different stuffs this semester.They focus on the maternal stuffs while my group on mental.
Went to pizza hut.Sinful dinner.Bread and bread.And this "black" bread just taste awful.Not crispy!Her birthday cake.I just love myself.I forced her to eat the cake alone.
My flower ring spoiled!Sad case...mood totally spoiled.Sorry, if I am abit cold shoulder.
Shared to buy her present at J8.Didn't expect it to be so expensive.
Walked back to kampong from khabit.Ran one and a half round.Went home and be tai-tai.I am proud that my face is just dry and bit oily. It seem like my family gotten melon seeds virus.
One last thing, don't eat too much pizza.

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