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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I left the hospital at 12am.
My term is fully booked and call bells just kept ringing non-stop.
This time cab fare is $20. That time I spent $32.50 when I forget to set alarm.
My mum is not supportive at all.She scolded me for wasting money on cab.
The truth is I can't finish my report so I left the ward at 12.
I was in tears on the cab.
Why can't people be more supportive for others?
It reminded me those nasty faces that people show...

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Monday, May 26, 2008

I am officially a diploma holder! Went back to school last Thursday for graduation.
Wow, first time on stage to receive certificate!
I am still awaiting for my graduation photos...so meanwhile, there are some photos in my multiply together with my self took photos at home.
Went prawn fishing on Saturday.No harvest but manage to get a feel of it.A heart warming one since I had not seen ting for such a long time and along time I sat down with my poly friends for dinner.Yes, I miss everyone and love all of you's accompany!
Did I mention that I went eddy's house on Vesek day?That was the last time I saw my secondary school buddy.Went to eddy's house to have some home cook food and it was so funny to see joo in the carpark from upstair.As for kat, she was using alcohol to drunk herself and she refused to let me take her red apple face look. :(
As for a nurse, it was cruel to end a life.But as a friend, I will support your decision as long as you don't regret in the future.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stupid boy, thanks for the present though it peel my skin because it is not even.
I don't want to make decision for you; wanted the best for you but want a secure, stable life too.
This week, time spent will be short.
Firstly, confinement because you scratch yourself during flag rising.
And your grandfather passed away today.
I am not a person who is good in words but take care ok.
This woman is shouting inside the room.
As usual, email was sent across fast speed.
Poor girl who is wrongly accused by her.She did nothing wrong but whispered "shit" when being call...and she was to blame.
Well, I am not saying the culprits were at fault.They came in from outside and were just too amused by this woman's phrase.
"Please leave if nursing is not your PIECE OF CAKE."
"Please BUCKLET UP YOUR SHOES (....and learn....)."
And that's it...name tag and ward were asked.But another girl took the blame.The most angry part is that she pulled their name tag rudely to see their name even they told her their names.
I feel so unhappy when I see relationship between people soared.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh well, guess I will the famous person in my hospital.
I actually got caught sleeping during my IP by some V.I.P.I wonder if my name will get reflected in the e-mail again.
Well, holding hands has different meaning when apply to different people.
Healing hand.Good friends until people has misconception that they are actually something starts with L.
Super exhausted!The wall has transformed to become a bed.I caught you!Nah...just angle problem.Hey, I don't want to play.Shame on me...can I take it as nobody catch me sleeping?Getting prepare for lunch.Discussion.Never forget to pose.Ugly photo taken by SN Sim No. 2.Before dispersed.
Super pale.
Group photos for last group at the back.A nicer version.
Well, jenny's uniform is so white that even butterfly can't disguise the real flower.
Went for mahjong session with one thai, one malay and one chinese.
Glad that I am not the ultimate loser!
And also thanks for the chaffering by Subaru.
P.S.Don't ask me what model.I don't know.I am car idiot.I am just happy that I have a free ride.They told me subaru so I put subaru.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday and I am at home.Well, shall be striving for the whole week until my next off day.
Heard two break up this month.
One of them is by coincidence.
I didn't expect it to end do fast.
No swearing and cursing in between.
So peacefully and go...
It seem that
as people becoming more and more mature;
thinking becomes more and more complicated,
things becomes more and more simplify.
I don't think it is a bad thing after all.
End it earlier is better than late...
Not too much feelings are involved,
Youth = time is spare for one another.
To be frank, people will find someone better than the previous.
And I pretty she will find a better one.
If you need a listening ear, do approach me.
Try my very best to make time for you.
Some days ago, went out with peipei after IP.She bought her favourite donuts.Miss clarity.Dim right?For her contact.My drink.Crab meat spaghettisFish something...
And I got my graduation dress in bugis village for $10 after dinner.
But my sis got one top that look alike as mine.
Last Saturday, my day off, I went back to ward for meeting.So my buffet date with my boy was canceled.And I called him up to cook dinner for me.He made pizza as expected. And as part of mother's day, he also made for his mum.
But the base is too thick.He threw away the base for me.
He book in on last Sunday and I bought donuts for my mum.But it ended in bro and my stomach.
Sis is back from meb with 3 luggages.No more own room. But glad to receive gifts from her.

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Is not that I don't want to update.
Is just that the internet is down whenever I feel like updating.
Well, caught in the between IP and work.
Ms jenny before rebonding her hair.I am so surprised that Hui Teng actually bring a tripod around.Noob right?Oh gosh, I looked so plump.And the five famous inductee who were caught "loitering".Now I have to sign in and out of ward.A nice dinner at bugis with Pei pei.Some buns with luncheon meat.
Guess what I did on Wednesday?
I was on am shift and I decided to go amk hub to collect my psp.
I took a bus and has the thought of changing to another around Bishan area.
And I ended up at Kovan when I woke up.
Took a direct bus after getting a drink.
Same plot again, I fell asleep again.
This time I was at amk hub.
But there is no one on the bus...including the bus driver.
I quickly woke up and walked to the front of the bus.
Luckily, the bus driver came and he was super stunned to see me on the bus.
I hurried down the bus.
Just I think everything should be fine, I took the wrong bus to woodland while meeting my lovely boy.
By the way, double date on Wednesday.Watched this with his parents.
He stay overnight at my house on labour day just to send me to work on Friday.
Had dinner with him at queensway market before going his house.
Received call from lingz but rejected her offer to club.
Is not that I don't want to.
I need to work tomorrow
Mummy don't allow.
Boyfriend disagree.
No clothes.
Friends, I felt guilty that I can't be your side when you are down.
Accompanied boy to book in.Couple beanies as his birthday present.I love this the best.And he want to be crazy withe beanie.Siao ta bo.

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