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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This is the bukit batok polyclinic.I was sent to the dressing room today.Actually it was not that bad as what I predicted.Blood, confirm there is but it was not that disgusting.Then went to the diabetes renal and foot room. The machine was low battery so no chance to view the whole process of checking foot.Never expect it was a easy task but it turned out to be one. I was going to faint in the train when I was on my home.Tireness just shot up and had to find a seat to rest.Luckily, I woke up at Yishun. Posted by Picasa

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Finally finished this show.Not bad but sometimes I find it very draggy in the last few episode. Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My sister said I was ugly in the uniform, my bro refused to let me use the computer. Posted by Picasa

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Not a bad day.Didn't had my breakfast today so having some stomache when I attached to counselling.Hope my almost faint and pale face never scare the patients away.  Posted by Picasa

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Actually I am super stress now.I waited for people to chat, sms me..but no avail.Maybe I am really a loner.I wanted to cry but my tears seem like it is drying up.Ok, I will now use sleep yo drown myself...
Words for myself:
Joy, tomorrow will be a better day.Don't feel down.When you wake up, all the bads will be gone. You are not fat and ugly at all.You just need to improve to make it better.Joy will be strong!In order to be joy, you must be joy.Joy is royal clown that brings joy to everyone.

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This is my uniform.See how cheap the zip is! But it spilted before I left for attachment.I thought I was late but it turned to be I was 10 minutes early.Thumb came and we walked to the bukit batok polyclinic. Then I saw a familiar face-it's rohani!There were two other students, who is Fiona and hidaya.Hidaya was the girl whose boyfriend is very famous in Year 1 group D.That guy with name started with letter "J".Ok, after the orentation of the poly, we went for a breastfeeding talk followed up by the pre test.Then we had a water break before going to where we were attached to.I was attached to the family planning.Learned pap smear by reading flyer.
Lunch at West Mall BK before going to gallery of memories for orentation. By the way, I called the wrong name at the wrong nurse.Shame! Gallery of memories was more enjoyable.Posted by Picasa

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My accessories!complicated? Posted by Picasa

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Birthday kiss~My lips is so, it looks like hot dog!

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Playing my camera before meeting start... Posted by Picasa

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This is saw hui's bag.. Posted by Picasa

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Him again!Trying to act cool! Posted by Picasa

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Being caught eating.Always said want to slim down but still eat so much.But the cake was telling me," eat me please!"How can I reject? Posted by Picasa

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Lingz cutting her birthday cheese cake. Posted by Picasa

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He was so suave today.Nah, everyday because he was my bro mah.Don't know how many people had been asked him why he wear so formal today. Posted by Picasa

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We sang the song like no sincere...haha...very fast and slurred. Posted by Picasa

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Happy birthday to lingz!ACSBC rulez!THe cake looked so delicious! Posted by Picasa

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My lunch...These were not my hands but Daniel.He was scooping the pineapple.Before, lingz, angie and us left, we poured all the leftover into the pineapple husk. Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

27th August is my sister's birthday.Happy birthday to her...Bought her this with my brother.

This morning I woke up at 6 for the sake of going TTSH.Well, I slept at 2 am last night and imagine how tiring I was when my father woke me.

See my eye!It's grey in colour.Finally can used my grey contact lens.But I am still not use to it. My eyes were dry and red. I kept rubbing my eyes.Hope won't develop any disease.

I was so scared that I will be lated because I was still at the first few station at 8.15am. But I reached there at 8.40am...But reported at 8.50am because the venue was a bit unclear.Reason being- TTSH is a very big place!
There was three section.The most terrible is the second section because everyone was falling asleep. Third section is hospital tour... walked and walked.Only remembered walked pass the mountary.

How clusmy I am. My jacket, bag was stained with the soap...it is a automatic dispenser. Had my lunch at Novena Square BK.

Met up with Joo, Daniel and his friends at Suntec for this...Got to miss Yida's performance at dxo. But I got a very good cat called kat, who send me his photo.Thanks, darling.

My ticket.Actually, it's a magic show orangised by Daniel's church. But it was not touching enough to touch me.

Saw minglong and eddy.I prefer saw hui!

What was he smiling at?

Saw my lao po bin pei.She changed alot...more like a tom boy...take care, lao po.

Say cheeze!Yeah, I prefer this...But the other is clearer.

After the show, I searched high and low for toilet.And when I came up, Daniel asked me what is he doing. I said show luo 's doll robort.He said wrong and showed me this dog inside Hush Hush. Ok, it was moving, dancing...let's named him after daniel-Daniel the dog.

Now, it left me, eddy and Joo. We took the train home and eddy was sleeping in the train. But he said it was very noisy.
Rushed back home to celebrate my sister's birthday and everyone was waiting for the royal clown.Luckily my dad never scolded me.

My mum bought my bro and me to go shopping at compass point after my dad went to watch soccer. My bro bought two shirts from OP. As for me,

A blouse that cost only nine bucks from ness and...

A watch that cost $114. She said for a long time...to buy a watch for me. Finally! Took a very long time to choose, adjust the wrist... I like the shell-like surface...shine like pearl.Thank you, mum!Loves alot.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

My last paper today!Finally can take a little break before heading to attachment. To celebrate the end of seminar, I went to yIda's autograph with my cat. We were considered quite early because the quene was not long. So kill the time, I went to Breadtalk to get something to munch on and bought my favourite Mogs burger ice milk tea to get rid of thirst.

The quene finally moved...We are in the first row.Yeah!!

We saw him and his brunch of friends...those very "unfriendly"... He was saying he saw him because of helping up in nypal.And then we saw another guy, who was very hot in singapore. CS and his friends were chased away by the security.But He did a very good favour by sending the hot guy's photo to me.

This is the hot guy!Germ, see...envy?

He was finally here.Talking with host, peifen.

He sang two songs - Jerk, She told me.But he seem to hav sore thoat today.

A close up of him.Should came down and see yourself!

Side view of him.

He was so thin!Envy him alot!

My ablum is being signed by him!Thanks...

My supper before heading home.

My sister's friends at my house playing cards.

Hey, this is not meifang but my sister's friend.

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