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Friday, June 30, 2006

Went to bugis for shopping with ting since no night class(forever don't have is better).
Decided not to eat but our stomach didn't want to obey us so walked and searched for food.
Finally decided to settle at this hongkong style's cafe beside icon.Baked rice was meant to kill me.The greenish drink is some sort of blended veggie.It's nice by the way.
Since we were at icon, we decided to went there before heading village.
Sadden by unable to wear some pants.
We went to this shop at level six and there is a end point!Spent all the money there.Don't need to go village.But they were nice after all.
And I bought a lace for my previous pon-pon top.And my sis said it was so much expensive!I shall go spotlight and see.
Result of study too much and boring lecture notes.Yup, I am crazy!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Finished my biology test on tuesday.Supposed to mug the night before but ended up intermitten study...slept till 7am and prepared to school.
Finally not schi-goh's class but changed to a uncle whose smile sounded like mentally disorder and even thanked us for attending his lecture.Isn't it werid?Lucky didn't bought my lecture notes for the class because we didn't use it.
Slept through the second lesson.I heard from germs that cheng ern was acting to hug me since they requested him to do that when I was sleeping beside him.
All questions on spinal cord are just making my morale dropped to the deepest.
Then attended some avian flu presentation and choose groups.I was with hannah, germs, suba, xiao liang and nana this time round.Hope I won't be last minute again!
Watched just my luck.Find this show a bit boring in the middle.Maybe because I am too tired or some how or rather.
Then went to had pasta for dinner.Saw the don't know who from somehow of superstar.I agreed he is short but I liked his spike.We four girls was talking about some sex related stuff at the mania...I still remembered how she looked when she said the don't know who kept looking at our direction and I said she is pretty and turned to ting asking her if she want to vomit.Sound bad?But it was meant for laughter.
I was so pissed to found that my mp3 didn't had the playlist I put inside yesterday!Wasted my time.Must do again!
Passed jovell her present...a green pant?I think the size not match and she is going to change.While they were having their mask fitting, joy the kind soul helped to take fan fan's ticket for them.It's been a long time since the last concert I watched in nyp by jones.
Gotta go for bio lecture.Goodbye...

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Went to work yesterday.
While I was rushing toward the workplace, I saw a huge crowd gathered at one side of the mrt station.And this was what I saw.They were real humans!
The stocks finally came and I felt some how rather did some work today.Not being pay to stand!
Rushed to meet ting at orchard to watch movie.I accidently spilted some water while opening my mineral water.The person seem very annoyed even I said sorry.I think I was very rude at the point of time!
Finally decided to watch at Lido.
Went and searched for food since I haven't eaten dinner.But ended up in lido again to eat subway.
No time and we smuggled food to the theatre instead.
The chair made me lost face as I didn't knew it was so shaky at the first place!
They only show 3/4 of the screen!
Anyway, finally got to watch lee jun ki!
The show is very sensitive to me...the more I watched the more embarssing is me.Overall the storyline and sound effect is good!4 out of 5 stars!
Took a plane home.Ting was ready to replaced her.I am anti-smoking!This is what I adviced you!Ting revealed her despo side.Proud of her V3.Act as madonna.Another act as her.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

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Caution:blur image!
Second time this week to k-song.
This time at marina square with ah min lah, ting, germs and charlene.
Everyone was late expect miss joy!She reached there at 1315...30 minutes before meeting time.
Anyway, I tricked ah min and ting by saying charlene not coming(she insisted to cheat ah min) because of computer hacked by virus and germ will be late.I even lied that germs will bought her boyfriend along and was a bit confused when they said germs just break.Had to lie again saying germs will bring her male friend and they asked me if they are dating.So I said the truth that they going to and they knew each other very long(Charlene and germ really knew each other very long).
In the end, charlene let the cat out by calling ah min before coming in to give them a surprise!Ah min and ting really believed in me in the first place!
Ah min and charlene don't like to sing with microphone.See...how bored they are!Germs shifted her position from sat on the sofa to stand on the sofa...Since they so bored, I took a picture of them and they....Germs, charlene and me put on germs' shades from thailand.Charlene said photo not nice so deteled away.She pierced her ears!Charlene bought from hongkong for joy!Thanks alot!I liked it very much!She even helped me put the screen cover for me!So sweet!I think ting got influncedby joy.But joy is still queen of "zilian" compared to the peers.
Sang till 1800 plus plus and headed toward xing wang for dinner.
The waiter mixed up ah min and my baked rices!And somemore, the food not nice!But eat until very full.
The ok version.The retarded version.THe sadako...with spec somemore.Charlene and I took each other a picture.Ah min stirring her yuan yang.My new bling belt.Thanks to ting's accompany!(Model:my sis)We were lost and we took a shuttle bus back to city hall.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Went to sing songs on tuesday!
Supposed to meet at 0930 but everyone was late!Somemore, it rained!And our roller blate plan was cancelled!Had lunch and headed toward our sing songs trip.
Ended up at chinatown k-ster.
Anyway, I was rather upset when some guys asked want to be friend at chinatown.Joo told me they were not singaporeans.So werid...Found out some funny names.Somemore...only got background music.o-pa think they are super gay!This farting guy...every song link to fart.My cat...same hobby as her master.I know what you are thinking after you seen this.
After k songs, we went back to kampong.And o-pa recommended the movie slient hill.Wasted money!Thinking why the movie has no ending in the middle of the show.
What are you doing?Getting marry?
I went facial with mum.A great experience...but not the facial.It's a incident on the train.A poor lady was found black out on the train.Luckily, there was a doctor who helped.Suffered trama of fits...
Anyway, I go on a shopping sped after my facial.My first GSS shopping this year.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

After millions times of saying to meet up during the holiday, we finally did it!
Eating sakae buffet on friday.Ah min and ting.We are serious eat-ers!JoVell with her mochi.Thanks hana for giving me her mochi!Eat until very bored...Pinched our chubby faces.It's green tea not sake.We are proud of Li Bai!Sorry...should be look upon the moon(ju tou wang ming yue).After waiting for the JL waiter to take a millions to grow, we finally had our melons!Ting, thanks for entertain joy...
Shopped around cityhall before bide to hannah.Sorry, we just went to meet ting's friend without telling you.Then rushed back to marina to watched RV.Took final photos and went back home.
Train photos.
I love myself...So proud.Act cute #1.Act cute#2.

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