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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Exam today!Woke up early in the morning to study because of no mood to study last night.
In the end, I ended up half study half sleeping.
Don't expect any good grade.Some more, I didn't finish the paper.
I just knew today is trina's last lesson.Less lessn till next year.
I want to go buy clothes!But I have no money.Some more, I just realised my tummy getting more fats.

Ivan's PSP cover is darm cool!Crazy in love with it!Some more, the diamond ear ring is attracting me.Looks like everyone can't help loving PSP.See.The result of walking from nyp back to Yishun.Found this...remind me of the secondary school life.Maybe I am being too stuborn now.Or all this while. Sorry, friends who have to bear with it.The three goals in my life.

I was surfing this forum.Very the useful...

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Took this photo right after stepping onto ubin.
Tomorrow got 1037 test.Fifty mcq and 9 saq.Fun...it's darm fun!See my eyes can become how black.
Last night, I went to had dinner with chin siong and joo after studying at library with joo.Ended up reading magazine. Enjoyed... thanks for drinking coffeebean with me and walked me home.
I don't know how!I am just a super blur queen.
I went back home again to get my wallet after discovering I forgot to bring out at mrt station.
Filled up waterbottle and forgot to bring.
Returned ting ting's cashcard to min min even though ting passed it to me in front of my face.
Then, I wept because the songs...made me think of reality.
Congratulate to both my groupmates, who passed their lab practice!
Ate popcorn during bio.There was a bloodly big mouth bitch "shh-ed" at us.This bloodly bitch is the one who is nosiy during lectures and still did this to us.KNS, can't she behaved herself first before doing such thingy to us.
Some thoughts of celerating my eighteen years old birthday passed through my mind.Maybe a tattoo or belly button piercing.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Was she happY?Nope...not at all.
The coming exams tied her up.She didn't want to sleep but her body needs to rest.She wanted to study but her mind is often is always thinking of other not important stuff.She was having doubts of her study; thoughts of changing courses raced through her brain.Luckily, she had a friend called joo, who said she moviated each other to go on.
The wall built around her heart thicken.She wanted to communicate but there was no talking point.She didn't know how to start and scared that she will ended being blur and people disliked her more. Direct is her character, she wanted to change.She wanted a start, a beginning but the situation seems unchangable.
Apart from it, she strongly believe only four men in this world acknowlegde her.Her dad, bro , o-pa and sis. There was once a man but he left her soon their future were different.She couldn't blamed this man because it was the rule of the game. Everyone must obey- together when we love, separate when it left. Somemore, she felt she was too selfish to love him. It seems that she need a companion now; someone who hugged her tightly, protecting her from getting hurt.
She wanted a lot of thing but her family stituation didn't allow her.Her mother often told her not to compare herself with her friends because they were different.Her dad was just a blue-collar worker while her mum only a plain auntie.
Leadership.She was ashamed of herself.Once a trained- leader in school, but she threw all she had learned away.She knew she must be strong but she was not a wonderwoman. Her life seem to a failure.
Treasure.Tolerance.Everything will be fine.All she can do now is to told herself these positive comments.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Just came back from palau ubin attending "alumni" camp.A place with filled with trees, mosquitoes and dirty toilets.It meant more like a gathering to me.No high and low mood throughout the thingy.First, no nice food.Second, no water.Thirdly, programme was very disorganised and making it very slacking.Fourth, body is smelly.Fifth, body was itchy.Sixth, constipated again. Anyway, the night view was good and it was warm-hearting to gathered together.You know, big big diamond stars...
Actually, all I did was sleeping.That day before, which is friday, I only slept for one hour because I drank red bull around 12am.The drug effect reduced after the "amazing race".
Talked about the "amazing race", my group ended up only three nyp-ians including me myself.Ran nearly one quarter of the whole ubin(excluding the obs site).
BBQ...the food provided was not good.Never get full.$12 cheated.*grins*
Water bombs...just to get the body wet.
Some photos to share.
Way to ubin!

At lang hut during "amazing race".

Waiting for eddi and beth.Nothing better to do so sat in middle of road.

See.Sat in middle of road and got knocked down by car.

Can somebody please me and send me to hospital?The next morning.

The campsite.

Fiona's hammer.Bus to Tampines

It's mao's cap.

O-pa daniel is so sweet.He gave up his seat to me regardless getting injury.

Melvin, your elbow...

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Friday, November 25, 2005

I am no longer related to the GL brand air purifier on monday after 3pm! I worked for the company for two long weekends before stepping down and introduced to my beloved friend, annie. I still remembered the last day.There were not much shoppers and I was talking with one of the osim staff.And guess what? The deliveryman came.I don't know whether he is the boss of what.But I just feel his attitude sucks. But nevermind, it's over!

After a long tire day of standing, I decided to go supper with mum.Waiting is the most cruel thing in life.( I will regret saying this)

The night view is prefect...

Rest first...

Went to get my pay on monday.Treat myself pasta minna after got paid. But I had a headache now.The pay isn't enough for me to spent! First, I got to buy laxative.Then sport bra, a pair of covered shoes, dark colour outer clothes...There are so many things I want to buy and the low income confirmed plus granutee not enough for the hole in pocket. Late for Ivan's class and good news is there will be no lesson for next week.

There was nothing much to say on tuesday.

Wednesday was a day I decided to use glasses to see the wall.So I put on my glasses to school. Met saw hui and jack chee while taking train. I thought I will be late again and I rushed a bit. I tapped and went into LTK2.No familiar faces.Went to LTJ2... ...nobody was inside!And I called charlene, who said no class at 9am sleepily.Went to library and slept since I was feeling like vomitting.

My latest pencil case, isn't it cool?

Didn't turned up for gym because I felt like rushing home to study.In the end, I was watching Full house vcd and designing my friendster page.Mum and uncle bought crabs for dinner.Ate for whole two hours...Choral Fest. on Thursday.Joo forgot to buy my ticket so I bought it straight at the entry.

Anyway, I lost my mirror pouch!And clips from HK...:(This picture was taken during the three hours break on thursday after my group meeting.Comments?"Cheng Ern, fuck off please!"

During the last hour of the day, Charlene bargained with Mary to let the class go off earlier.

Saw lingz before heading toward YCK mrt station.She was doing her club's survey while I designing a phamlet of a don' know what talk.

Ran toward VCH after buying Famous amos cookies since the concert was going to start soon.

Inside VCH.Used to be on stage last year.I loves taking picture of ownself.It started!All I can remember is the song trinidad which I sang before and was now performed by the nss choir that night.Mandy and me.Took this on train with her phone.Hit the stupid pole while I was sleeping on train.

Ended up in Yishun eating supper.Saw my primary school classmate,cixian.He dyed his hair blue.Took this with JL's 6680.Eddi beside.With lingz.

Daniel is being lame.He came to find us when we finished our food, going home soon.I went home with saw hui and JL.

My baby.Yup, I became a mum today for ICA. After class, I went to gym.Jane was on away again!Exercise with Hahhan's PT.

Run six rounds the stadium with eddi, lingz and eddi's friend.Jade and Rosay was there too. Wenbin came afterward. Did community service with shs club. The people, were actually normal but a bit chatty(for some). Three balloons burst around me. Ate free dinner and went home.Camp tomorrow!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I was late again!Pardon me!I am really lazy and tired for the whole week.Like a caterpillar which has just hatched from the soft shell.Everything done in slow motion. My behaviour simply made me feel guilt!Hope my friend will bear with me.So sorry if I had indirect or directly hurt you!
Back to the late topic, I was late for sandra class because I was doing the tutorial at the very last minute.So I missed a bit of germ's show(ICA).She was acting an ah-lian called annie tan.Made me think of annie!Anyway, I need to pass one message to annie that is please return the umbrella.My mum said it was her ka-kee's and she scared if next time rained, that particular ka-kee wants it back.XP
Anyway, I think tingting's sarifice alot for her group's ica.She had to put on some fake breast to demostrate how to breastfeed.

The bear she used to breastfeed.They cut its mouth so it can sucks.

I was slacking during mary's lesson.Not to say about ho's class.Another slacking one.A very big thank you to ivan who lent me his do as infinity.It is a pity that they decided to separate. Their very first song that attract me was Yesterday and today- ending song of Japanese drama 2000. A must ablum should listen to.

Rushed for my dental.Late but the doctor is later than me.Changed to christmas colour- yellow, orange and green.Went to pearl centre to had tu-tu kueh and rose tea for lunch.

Bought these at pearl centre for two dollars.Got home and rest, detox.The laxative taken effect.

Five plus went to causeway to watch harry with cat, mandy, joshua, ercong(fanglin), eddy, joo and chinsiong. Missed a bit by going to toilet requested by joo. I can only said the movie is understanding to certain extent.Briefly understandable.

After show, I went to have my dinner and some of them ate dessert.Then I go shit again before taking neoprints with them. A very lousy machine! Took so many times took until so bore and some more, the pattern is private limited.Quality even worse.

Stomachache again before we left causeway and on train.Chin siong and joo came to my house since chin siong wanted to take the shirt I bought for him. Then somehow my sister brought her friends home. They called chin siong yida.That was so disgusting.Degrading yida.

After cs and joo left, followed by my sis's friends, I fell into a deep coma till 3 am.I was so suprised by my sis, who suddenly switched off the light and made the whole room black. Then I went to toilet to urine and I find that my panties was smeared with blood.My first thinking was " oh my, I shit until blood came out!" Then I came to realized it was my little red after a while.

Watched tv then sleep again.

Saturday; work!I am miss promoter.But there were not much shoppers around the area I work. In the end, I sold only one set of oil and crapping with osim staff the whole day.Why!Why whenever I went to work, the staff liked to joke about some sex thingy?! Anyway, the osim staff's answer was...it's not your fault, it's not mine but society's fault.

Went home and eat.Cranberries.BBQ pork.Cup noodles.Super full but I knew my intestine still can squeezed some more.Better not!Or esle I need to pay back with guilt and exercise.Actually, I am already guilty!

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