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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am attached to ward 5X.Another mary!Did some stupid things on tuesday early in the morning.Students same shift made it as joke of the day!I simply pressed the pantry button when one of the students asked how to open the the door for tearoom because we needed to put our belonging.I didn't know why but I pressed the pantry button very confidently.
I splited milo onto my dress when serving the client and banged into the gate of train entrance.
Anyway, today was rather a busy day.Knowledge increased...
Went to orchard and bugis with lao niang again.This is me before meeting her.
A man approached us when we stpped out of orchard station.He gave us his card.And I realized he was my long-lost primary school classmate.He was easily tricked as annie lied to her about where we were schooling.
As we walked past lucky plaza, we saw a familiar guy.
guy:"I am not someone that trimmed eyebrows!Is this the airport?"
lao:"nope!"(holding to me tightly).
guy:"are you guys foreginers?"
guy"looked at them, don't you think they were cute?"(taking some cartoon pins that blinked and one of them on his shirt.)
And he walked away.It was so funny and I immediately bursted into laughter.
No harvest at orchard so went to bugis instead.Bought a shirt from give me back my sunday for fifteen.Not really thrilled!Anyway, we took some photos today.That's me!
I met someone on train.I forgotten her name but I still remembered her face.She said I changed alot.
Photos taken on last bugis trip.

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