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Monday, February 06, 2006

On 3rd of Febraury 2006, I received a sms from meifang, saying that k-box party was cancelled!I was was looking forward it and all the sudden it was cancelled.
Although it was so saddening, days still need to live.Went to attachment as usual.
After my attachment, I decided to took bus home with zhi er.Ended up taking the train; why? Because I forgot to top up my card and it was only I was on the bus tapping my ez link which shown not enough money then I realized it.To put salt on the wound, I had no change. So we shopped a while at novena square.
Since my poor cat was so sad, I decided to buy her a mint cake from angie the choice as a surprise.But!Kingley was fast!He went to her house and whacked her up, pulled her to k box.
So I decided to go bugis to buy her present after going to wash out.
The zinc bag, blue shirt and black shirt with blue printing was what I could gave her.Since I couldn't give her a sincere present, I will gave her a "budget" one.
Reached suntec around nine and was unhappy because my shoulder ached and it was bore.
But after around 12 something, it was fun.Chengguan won in a small competition between the rooms of k box.Angie was hanged over and chin siong was her teddy bear.I mixed the red wine and white wine together with a slice of orange.Then the guys(including girls) were so high to sang those high-spirited songs.
Fooled until 4 plus before taking night rider home.
I slept till 12 the next morning since I slept at 5 am in the morning.As a result, I was late for going cindy-ma's house.
Anyway, it was joyocus and there was good news from her stomach!Millions cheerios for her! Auntie low.Seemed to look normal but already had two months old fetus.
Uncle and Auntie low's wedding photos.Right at the entrance of their love nest.
I liked this.Simple and clear except for those red colour thingy.Germ...I am a good photographer!Took her until she was so pretty!That's me!Simply tired and bored after returned home.
I was so tired that I fell asleep while chatting on msn and sms some chatpals.
Woke up at 2am and slept again after washed out.
Woke up at 10 am on sunday morning.Went to my uncle's house and ate some fatty stuffs.
Waited for those people at neo's nearby playground.It was a lazy afternoon.Why am I alone?
Finally entered neo's house at 5 plus.Drank two cups of alcohol and lost few dollars.Went to northpoint buy present for mum before heading home.Slept at 1 plus and woke up at 5am to go for attachment.
Mary met us at 1.10 today because of some ministers coming.We ended up reached there at 1.30pm.
This was cute!

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