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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Although it is rainning outside, but the temperature is still high.
Went to gym these two days.
Saturday with KY.
It seem like we haven't seen each other for like half a year.
Exercised for two hours and got ourselves frappe at starbuck.
And we took neosprint.Sounded funny; two exhausted girls went to took neos when they were so terrible.
Meet Kat for dinner then before heading dance class.
That relief teacher!The movements were totally.... simply....one word to describe...gross.
I was laughing and blur throughout the entire hour.Mandy and I simply got our bodies numb and couldn't followed the steps.
To stop the itch of getting to gym, I went with Kat and mandy today.
I was lazy today and my heels were in terrible state.
We got pizza and some ice after that.
Intending to go study but kat and I were tired and decided to it a stop.
Tomorrow will be going chee-na town with kat.I am getting to like those malls in heartlands.Somehow like discovering for treasures.See what I bought from the station between woodlands and sembawang.It really hard for me to find them as I still remember I saw them in queentown.

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