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Friday, April 14, 2006

I went to Bugis on wednesday with mum for facial.
It had been a long since I stepped into the shop.The procedures were almost the smae as last time...squeezing of blackheads still hurt.But they the masks comes in new flavours.I put on a strawberry for some whitening effect.
I bide my mum and headed to bugis for some shopping.
See!I got o-pa's present.What is inside only kat and me knew!
I got a new slippers and bought it and felt regreted because I saw M-industry having sale and the slippers only cost nine bucks.But isn't it cool overall?
Got myself a new top at seiyu.I like to be formal.Maybe next time when I tire of nursing, I will be OL.
Hannah's present; actually I bought it long ago and I only showed now!Only zipeng and I knew what's inside!
Thursday is a P-S day(Read previous entry).
But I still went out with junhao, jia wei, lingz and ray for movie.Wanted to watch act of seduction but ended up no seats.Watched eight below instead.
The dogs simply put up a great show.Not as bad as I thought.
P-S day is alright and the most unexpected thing is that... I lost my atm card.
I am going to try my luck tomorrow at orchard station and wisma.Hope nothing lost(I mean my hardearned money) or esle the thief will have to suffer from a life time miserable.
All the best to me!

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