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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Joy was super tired now.Had to cut short the entry.
What happened on the 24th of may?
-Confronted chern ern for some sickening stuff.
-Having tutorial not by schi-goh and germ yelled in pain when the lecturer asked me to pinch her.
-Kuma's tutorial was so funny and guys are feeling horny.
-My uncle is so free that he always go far away to eat meals.
-Ate sour plums during cleaner's class and people in LT are getting more and more disrepecting her by slamming the door, laughing very loudly in the LT.
-Went Ya Kun to eat roti toast and charlene immediately felt stomach pain.
-Went to netball league meeting.
-Went to YJC for some musical thingy and skipped my rock climbing since eddy not going.
-Saw mao just right in front of me, less than two metres, singing proudly.
-Concert looked like having lecture.
-Went home and eat again.
Before entering the auditorium.Before the concert starts.My ticket.The MC and that guy did a better job.Choir started first.Hazel in the middle.Mao(red) did a good job for joinning the choir because only that guy(blue) beside him and himself can make it.Anyway, the skin colour of that guy is really...that kind I want.Just for your information,It's hangten umbrella.The two guys' actions were so cute;made me laugh!Hazel and Joy.Mao, lingz and joy.Ex-yjc-ians.Music people.Li nan's looke alike, germs' long lost twin.This guy memorise all the scores.Solo singing without microphone.A-level music teachers.Surprise audience.
Forgot to take picture of germ and her friend.
I want to sleep...but I haven't study yet...

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