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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I saw this on the notice board.
I remembered someone told me it is voluntary!
Bio lesson...cannot catch the balls.Farhan did this to my new landyard.Whatever, isn't cool anyway?
Met eddy at mac.He finally passed his test but he did stun again.He collected all the fail results but not the pass one!Five dollars cost alot too.
Went to adventure club.
Totally agreed with eddy said, more fun than expected.
We played do you love, where wind blows and rag and bone.
We lost in rag and bone so we need ed to dance pole dance.Not R rated one but those poles for chin up.And guess what?The kayating guys just finished their laps and wanted to do chin ups.So we were doing a free show for them.
After that was the treasure hunt and we lost again.I think is all because of the time spent on finding the $bussines brigde money$.Sweated alot as we were ranning from one place to another.Passed water in cup with hole, walked around in circle.The guys even took off their top to bulid a long chain.
Went to had dinner at S11.
Meifang finally finished passing all the presents to eddy.
The cat that can flies.Handsome boy now(Please don't be mistaken!Eddy is my jiemei).
We sat down and chatted again.
I asked them whether I am attractive.One replied yes and my jiemei said no.He said he knew me too well.Kat said I knew how to dress up so that's why.Then we shifted our focus to meifang who said she isn't attractive at all.Jiemei and me repiled because she looked so independent.Actually, she don't make up so that's why.
These were the second time people said me looked like apple hong.
She is apple hong.
This is me...go compare.
Anyway, I went to My heritage.com.
Guess what?
Should I laugh?

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