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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy birthday to Yen Yee!Age is a woman's secret so better don't reveal.
ICA was sort of successful and "zhang po zhi" was quite "impressed" with the references.Required more client-focus and analysis.
Biology prac was still better compared to lecture conducted by cleaner although a little bit fast.Meeting and meeting.I was teaching cheng ern to use my camera.Typical charlene's mode.We are trying to hold charlene's dropping breasts.Oh...my hair really looked dried grass.They are very good buddies.Cheng ern was held as hostage.See his hairstyle, do you think he need to comb his hair?The funniest thing is that he brought a comb to to school.
Anyway, I put charlene, germ and minmin's aeroplane!Sorry...not meant to.
And I was rejected thrice for donating blood due to having fever on election day.But I still have free breakfast.
Went to computer lab to meet the birthday girl.She was so stress up and did her notes while joy print out a whole slack of notes because the stupid computer cannot receive messenger well. Carmen saw me and I realized we are learning the different stuffs this semester.They focus on the maternal stuffs while my group on mental.
Went to pizza hut.Sinful dinner.Bread and bread.And this "black" bread just taste awful.Not crispy!Her birthday cake.I just love myself.I forced her to eat the cake alone.
My flower ring spoiled!Sad case...mood totally spoiled.Sorry, if I am abit cold shoulder.
Shared to buy her present at J8.Didn't expect it to be so expensive.
Walked back to kampong from khabit.Ran one and a half round.Went home and be tai-tai.I am proud that my face is just dry and bit oily. It seem like my family gotten melon seeds virus.
One last thing, don't eat too much pizza.

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