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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This is delicated to someone.I don't know whether she will be reading it but I just feel like writing.
For the pairing up issue, I knew I sounded rude so I had to say sorry.Well, I am not a person who is good in words and I always pronounced words wrongly so I am loss of words.It is not good for a nurse because communication skills is very important.I was quite whenever the lectures mention communication skills although my face is so wood.
Cope from gie's blog, this is actually what I want to say.
when i say enuff.it's reali enuff.
i dun mind ppl pairing me up wif another person lar.
but when i said stop it.better dun continue."
And now I just want to say this(also from gie's blog).
"sitting beside people u having a 'cold war' wif isnt great.
i juz dunno wad to do.
i dun dare to look.
seriously,i do care.
for u're my classmate.
u're my fren."
Yup, I care but don't bother... I don't responsed.The horoscope also said better don't try to explain before the person is calm down.Since you mentioned me, so I responsed.
Yup, I am stuborn for the date I am being borned.
I still remembered you asked me if I want some twister inside cyndi's room and you had to call thrice or what.Well, is not that I didn't want to answer back but something was in my mind that time.
I also try to talk to you but I don't know how to start.What should I say?Hi?It makes me think I am very hypociate since I also don't say that word to lots of people.
Up to you to be friend with me, I don't like to decide.But I only want to say
"for u're my classmate.
u're my fren."

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