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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Labour day = Holy-day!
Woke up around noon.
Went to chi-na town with meifang but before that I had my lunch at bugis's pasta.The smootie was really shiok!
When we reached, there is a heavy rain and we had pudding.
She counldn't make up her mind.
"Faster leh!"
In the end, I had milk pudding and she had egg pubbing.My pudding taste like the evporated milk.
Time was running up and we went back to PS after mei fang finished her dinner at a holy place.
Eddy was late!His new hair suited him alot.
But we managed to got into the theatre before show started.We were watching take the lead.We made our great entrance and found our seats. This particular group of girls beside me suddenly said we were at wrong seats, which is supposed to be at the other side.But after we checked against the seat numbers, we were correct but didn't bother to make a fuss because it was still the same row.
This was filled with popcorns that was meant for eddy as birthday gift but ended up the two girls finished it.
Eddy seem to be specially dressed up.We wanted to take neos but no coin exchange.KNS...so I said the service at PS had dropped.Had to use my 3230 to took photos.
We went to S11 for tea.I used to say him look like construction worker.Chatted till 12 plus when my mum asked me to be home.
Took my new admin card during break in between goh's class.Looked the same!I knew my photo was stunning.But the behind...
Bio prac was boring.At first I thought the lecturer was some aunties who in charge of the lab.The teaching style was same like mary's style.Soft tone and couldn't catch much attention.Her indian accent was powerful that I can't catch what she talking.People on my right were playing bingo while people on my left were busy copying.And in the middle, which was me, eyeing at the digital clock in front...wth...I just want to sleep.

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