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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Accompanied lao niang to change her phone.Said goodbye to her 3200 and welcome her brand new V3.Because this pink colour phone, I had to travelled to united square to sell her old phone and around novena square, back to united square to search for it.
In the end, we found it at kampong yishun.
But before she bought her phone, we went to eat pizza hut.She seem to be so happy to find her pink colour phone.I looked so ugly...especially my hair.Our dinner.Because of this, I skipped my dance lesson.The pizza.I liked the thick crust.The sidedishes.Yummy Yummy.We snapped each other down.So unique!We were the only customers eating pizza while others ate KFC.
Tummy will have fat after tonight.
And then, we went to get the phone.
A little fishy.The shop and the other shop nearby seem to be connected.But when we went to ask them whether got v3 pink, they said no.They said we have to say that we bought from thomson plaza.The plastic bag they give us is M1 instead of starhub.
The phone camera is really blur and lao niang can't receive the ringtone I sent!
Anyway, she is happy to get her phone!
Then we went to pasa lama and I bought some accessories.I liked this because of the crown and the key like feature.Then lao niang went to bought contact lens.So cheap!$18 only!It's brown in colour.The saleman taught her how to wear.See how serious she is!
I shall go for an interview on monday.

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