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Thursday, May 18, 2006

This morning, I walked to school with Ivan. We separated at the atrium as he was heading SIT and I was heading SHS.
Since I was alone, I rushed my way to the tutorial room, H614.To my very surprise, the room was EMPTY! I double-checked those rooms by looking through all the glass panels but I still can't find my classmates. So I took out my timetable and checked. Irritating! The lesson start at 10am, which is one hour later!
It's ok. Nobody’s fault but joy was being too blurred. I am so...so tired due to sleeping at 3am last night. Back home at 1am because went jogging with yen yee. She said she ate a lot so need some exercises. It’s ok, I am happy that at least I am not late.
At few minutes before ten, I kept my thing (in library at that time) and went for tutorial. Why! Why old heaven had to do that to me? When I was early, the lecturer was LATE! Oh bloody! She was late for half an hour and some more choose the day when I was on time! Anyway, her teaching style was so motherly.
Understandable than cleaner.
So after my lunch, I went to cheers to buy I-mag because this issue has lee Jun ki and jolin. I liked them so much! But it was sort of bad feeling when I saw miss B (saw hui’s friend) was being like “scolded” by a “senior”. She looked kind of stress and it was right in front of the counter, where everyone in cheers can actually witnessed it. How will you feel if you are she? To me, it was definitely an embarrassing scene so I escaped quickly.
Then I saw my “scandal”, Wei cong. We got to the same lift and I became the lift lady. Another girl was also pressing the close button as what I did. Bloody… don’t know who kept pressing the open button outside. So I shouted to the outside,” Oi, CAN STOP PRESSING?” This time, the button finally can close and I think a lot of eyes were staring at me. I think Wei cong also stunned but was ok after I said lee Jun ki is so handsome and he was so BHB saying jolin is his wife.
ICA by germ and vell’s group was successful. But I could like to comment that cheng ern and Han bin were acting as those old couple not newly wedded. Charlene…was asking me to get more information from them so I can work in Chi-na town.
Went to resource room to use computer. So sad to find out that a lot of gays are good-looking and had good background. Then germ and I become hua chi. We were making noise like saying ”Jeremy is so cute! So handsome!” and the girls behind us were getting so interested and asked germs for the blog. Some more, a guy named Jeremy was sitting in front of us.
Went for bio lecture, same thing, the lecture was such a bore! Everyone was dozing off and germs even went to have her lunch. The stupid screen is still yellow in colour.
Extra lesson and I practice my insertion of NG. What is the most critical of it? First is the measurement and next is the placement. Germ must be more modest as what Louise said.
However, my dear friend suba doesn’t seem well. Must be worry about Ica. We really can’t find anything. Cheer up, my group mates! Show them we are not easily defeated!
Germ and Charlene were trying to scare me when I was reading lee Jun ki’s article at YCK station. They said I was smiling to myself all the while.
Went to meet Lao niang to get our pay and went to eat burger king at Yishun. And then I realized I am totally a hua chi today. I found one rp’s guy, one customer at burger king and one osim guy were good looking! Finally, I am back to normal!
We were shopping around northpoint and we came one particular section of Watson’s. Making of love.
Strawberry flavour.
And best present for Lao zha Bo irritating teacher.
As most guys are gays, girls were usually lesbian (just kidding). Two girls held their hands so tight and went to pasa lama to create havoc.
First went to the tibits section and make comparing the food.
Then went to try spectacles and were said to create a mess.
Then to the mole removal store and asked the stallholder is he a fortune-teller.
Then to ice kacang stall (Yup, selling ice ka cang) and asked whether if they sold the ice sweet corns.
Then bought coconuts to eat. Jelly coconut!Original coconut.
Then went to the auction stall and laughed at them.
They sold toy cars. Toyota brand some more and has very hyper techno music. Highest bid was only 25 bucks.
The dealer was repeating, ”good things are meant for good customers to cope the price”, “one dollar, two’s two dollars, three dollars, four dollars, five dollars and no one appreciate and give away please!”
The dealer was asking the crowd if there is anything in mind and one person was saying the car toddler for kids. The car dealer replied the highest bid today is only $25 so cannot because one car cost at least two hundred dollars.
Lastly, we went to buy mineral water and let the stallholder waited for long time just to find Lao niang’s wallet.
We met this girl at the playground and we trying to help her. Due to communication break down, I just had to console her to wait for her mum and bided her goodbye.

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