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Monday, May 15, 2006

Working at expo again.I am selling those items on the extreme right.
The position of the stall was so isolated.And right in front of me is people riding i-gallop, using i-squeeze and snatching CHOCOLATE!
Anyway, I found ten dollars on the floor but donated one fifth of it.
I met a nasty customer yesterday.He kept on saying the air purifier is much more cheaper outside.I think he is those boring people who didn't have the intent to buy and just wanted to joked with me.I really wanted to shout at him, " Fcuk up cb, then you go outside and buy your cheaponana fcuking a.p lah"
Then lao niang was kind of shoot off by the guards especially the one who always beside us.
Off work with lao niang on vesek day.We took train to airport.
Going to take areoplane home.Actually, in my eigtheen years on earth, I hardly remember I send anyone off singapore before.Somehow or rather, I have this thought that it will be bliss to receive your love who had gone to overboard for work.I am the number one sword-lady who lives in the forest of bamboo.My lover?No, my rival,panda, who loves veggie.I think she is going to kill me for saying as panda.But she kept her cool and want to treat her drink for compensation.So I bought her to the hut nearby.But it was not open.So I sent her home and kiss her goodbye.
Saturday, second day of work.I took a half day leave to go dance class.I dragged lao niang to macau express for lunch.The waiters there were making a fool of themselves.When the table is dirty, they don't want to clean and I had to called for many times to clean.When we started eating, they kept on come and wiped the table.Some veggie water with red dates.Lao niang said it taste like the soup her mum used to cook.
Forgotten all dance steps and the instructor taught new steps.Went J8 after lesson with my cat.Very big right?I adopted her for around five years.Bought this for my mummy as mother day present.And finally boughtthe present for someone.I shall not revealed is who because I kept cheating him that I bought his present.And a small little keychain for myself.
Mother day was the last day of expo sales.Day spoiled with a lonesome lao zha bo.See, retribution for not celebrating with my mum.Lao niang took half day off.Anyway, I saw some of the ex-northlanders.One of them is kelvin tan, my secondary one classmate.The way I chatted with him, I can sense that he is no longer that playful one that I used to know.He was waiting for his girlfriend and she will be released around 9.But I ended up seeing him at the mrt station at ten and he said,"she cheated me..."I bought one top and one pant during this sale.As for the pant, I forgot to take picture so no chance to see it.
2117 ica was...I don't know if my group is able to pass since goh said,"I will look through of it".The day was totally spoiled.But I really think suba has a talent to act and the class was laughing away when faz came into the scene.
Anyway, charlene lent me my girl vcd!Can watch lee jun ki's acting!
Faz got a new phone.Looked like pointing middle finger.See, the image is so clear.But the problem is that this phone has no infra-red.
I felt bad to laugh at people because I believed in retribution.But I still did that...contradicting with my principles.I shall face the wall to medidate.

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