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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Finished my biology test on tuesday.Supposed to mug the night before but ended up intermitten study...slept till 7am and prepared to school.
Finally not schi-goh's class but changed to a uncle whose smile sounded like mentally disorder and even thanked us for attending his lecture.Isn't it werid?Lucky didn't bought my lecture notes for the class because we didn't use it.
Slept through the second lesson.I heard from germs that cheng ern was acting to hug me since they requested him to do that when I was sleeping beside him.
All questions on spinal cord are just making my morale dropped to the deepest.
Then attended some avian flu presentation and choose groups.I was with hannah, germs, suba, xiao liang and nana this time round.Hope I won't be last minute again!
Watched just my luck.Find this show a bit boring in the middle.Maybe because I am too tired or some how or rather.
Then went to had pasta for dinner.Saw the don't know who from somehow of superstar.I agreed he is short but I liked his spike.We four girls was talking about some sex related stuff at the mania...I still remembered how she looked when she said the don't know who kept looking at our direction and I said she is pretty and turned to ting asking her if she want to vomit.Sound bad?But it was meant for laughter.
I was so pissed to found that my mp3 didn't had the playlist I put inside yesterday!Wasted my time.Must do again!
Passed jovell her present...a green pant?I think the size not match and she is going to change.While they were having their mask fitting, joy the kind soul helped to take fan fan's ticket for them.It's been a long time since the last concert I watched in nyp by jones.
Gotta go for bio lecture.Goodbye...

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