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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Celebrated June babies' birthday at marina.Met up at Yishun mrt first...Anti-social...He also got camera!Two of them got to I-mag(first june issue).
While we were waiting for the bus to the steamboat buffet, the people from "pin xian" kept come and promote their steamboat.Anyway, the bus is so slow that the guys came up with an idea of new bus line that fetch the people to the steamboat place they want to go and put banner with "we don't give champage" on the bus itself.Why don't no champage?Anti- pin xian!
The bus finally came but couldn't take all of us at one go.So the JAcks and me went tothe venue first.What an rural area we have been.
Might be thinking the first person to get dirty will be those june babies.But the answer is wrong!I am the first one who got dirty with chilli sauce!Luckily, karin brought her jacket along.Chin siong was the last to come!He missed the part where yan long put off the fire on the steamboat.THanks to lao da and gie who peeled off the prawn shells for us!Everyone was so full then but $12 so kept taking food.
Karin and I ate until very tired.
Lao niang and Yanlong.Lao niang and me.Karin and me.Zipeng and me.Jacksheng and me.Jackchee and me.Ivan and me.Wei kang and ivan...Chinsiong and master.
After our dinner, we went to the road side to blow candles.STupid cs.They scolded me for taking lao da's buttock.The cake.Zipeng and the imaginary cake.June babies.Have a bite!Look at weikang...He gathered his courage and smashed it.Jack brothers.

Poor jackchee....Bully lao da.Zipeng and present.Jackchee and present.Idiot!Vincent so kind...gave up his seat for a granny.

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