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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Caution:blur image!
Second time this week to k-song.
This time at marina square with ah min lah, ting, germs and charlene.
Everyone was late expect miss joy!She reached there at 1315...30 minutes before meeting time.
Anyway, I tricked ah min and ting by saying charlene not coming(she insisted to cheat ah min) because of computer hacked by virus and germ will be late.I even lied that germs will bought her boyfriend along and was a bit confused when they said germs just break.Had to lie again saying germs will bring her male friend and they asked me if they are dating.So I said the truth that they going to and they knew each other very long(Charlene and germ really knew each other very long).
In the end, charlene let the cat out by calling ah min before coming in to give them a surprise!Ah min and ting really believed in me in the first place!
Ah min and charlene don't like to sing with microphone.See...how bored they are!Germs shifted her position from sat on the sofa to stand on the sofa...Since they so bored, I took a picture of them and they....Germs, charlene and me put on germs' shades from thailand.Charlene said photo not nice so deteled away.She pierced her ears!Charlene bought from hongkong for joy!Thanks alot!I liked it very much!She even helped me put the screen cover for me!So sweet!I think ting got influncedby joy.But joy is still queen of "zilian" compared to the peers.
Sang till 1800 plus plus and headed toward xing wang for dinner.
The waiter mixed up ah min and my baked rices!And somemore, the food not nice!But eat until very full.
The ok version.The retarded version.THe sadako...with spec somemore.Charlene and I took each other a picture.Ah min stirring her yuan yang.My new bling belt.Thanks to ting's accompany!(Model:my sis)We were lost and we took a shuttle bus back to city hall.

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