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Friday, July 28, 2006

Last day of obst posting in KKH.
Recalling back my past posting,
first posting = shocking...
second posting (@ 5A)= learn alot...
third posting (@ 12B)= fun...
this time shall be joyful.=)
I really love the atmosphere of nursery.The staffs said when we become sn, we will be hard-hearted and we will be lazy to answer the babies' callbell(cry).
Anyway, they were just simply cute.The way they sleep, some like to lied with chest down, others like to lied side way.Some will tug their hands out.
Their eyes, looked almost the same but sizes differ.The way they opened their eyes...half opened, one eye open.
The ways they sucked...
Their sizes...as light as two kilos and there was a a fu qi bao bao(Blessed baby) who can finished the whole bottle of milk.
Sometimes, they drank the milk too fast, they will hicup.It was actually quite amusing to see them hicup.Then whenever charlene feeded finished a baby, she will put them in sitting position and said to them "Baby, blurp.Baby, blurp" while patting them.
I will always look at those babies under phototherapy.See their eyeshields in correct position, wet diapers...thinking of them so small must go through this kind of treatment...
Don't know is it curse, every last day of attachment always so unlucky.
While I was preparing to bath a baby, my bra strap snapped.And I was being the topic in our small discussion.The bra, the breast and the panties.
It was embarrsing(more than angry) and everyone was laughing at me.Almost going to cry although I showed a smile.
Joy must think postive!Why think so negative...have assert...mother gene.Don't trouble about it...Must be proud of them!=)
As for others, think in such a way they were jealous of you...they just cannot wear like that.Youngsters can wear anything.=)
Next week imh...don't know what will be the taste of it.

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