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Saturday, July 22, 2006

I am very weak now...I even took half day off from work...
Loss of blood...body a bit hot.I don't think it was fever maybe because of lack of blood.
Went to support Jolin on thursday with charlene and pow yu.See we are so front.Actually not much people.Maybe due to weekdays.
We had to go to HMV and buy her cd because the tempoary booth was set up after we bought the cd!Pow Yu very funny...still ask got vcd version little did she know that it was written on the cover itself.Blur~
The most punctual autography session I attended.See, we are surrounded!I had to see some strangers' camera to watch her.Waited for around an hour to get her sign my ablum.Same policy as energy's autograpy.No taking pictures, no shake hands...All I see is her lashes and her golden bling bling nails...
We went dinner after that.Charlene was so unlucky.A werid uncle farted in her direction while she was eating.Kept laughing and laughing.She even lend me her ten cent per piece tissue.Actually planned to watch pirates but cinema closed early on weekdays.I like the blue eye.Don't know what she signing.
Went to tempoary tattoo my eyeliner on friday.Thanks ting for accompany.Pain because the med has lose its effect when they were tattooing.Then we went PS to shop for beanie and we ate carl' Jr.Ting cracked a joke that I kept reprimanding her.Not funny, ting.
Then we rush back to nyp for June's lecture.Didn't have the heart to attend and we kept on discussing some dirty jokes.We also went to see our research results, I got a C.
After school, we went orchard to shop.I still thinking abouthe car and areoplane earrings!So unique!Tempted to buy but scare later wear, my ears will drop.In the end, I bought nothing.
Met up with kat to go to Cindy's bbq.Bought a golden bag at white sand.$12...so cheap.
The guys so unsupportive!Said it looked like those burn papers!Somemore, they said I wear very werid expect o-pa who say it was unique!
Saw kang when going home.Long time never see him still the same...
I cut my hair on thursday.Short fringe and lots of layers.

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