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Monday, July 31, 2006

It was really a tiring day for me.
I almost fell into sleep in ward, orentation and watching only you.
The orentation was very dry...only video part funny.The reason is not the content but the age of the video.
Anyway, I was in deep poo luck!
I forget to switch on the handphone charger the night before.
Mp3 no battery.
That a-hemm in my class never wait for me and I had to took taxi of fare $7 to the hopsital.Already not very happy because of the panties incident, now evern worse.Dui Lan(Not happy) to MAX!!!
Why?!Why I always have to take cab on my first day of attachment!
My dad told me next time just reject their offer.But he didn't gave me the taxi fare!I expect him to give because is not my fault.No money still don't want to give.
My ward is generally alright.Actually abit scary at first, but after some guiding and cool down, I am not that scare anymore.
Anyway, I went shopping with p.y yesterday.Bra straps because it snapped.$5 skirt from this fashion.Very jolin style.Earrings from Watt in.Expensive but I thought for one week to buy it.And the black belt I bought on last saturday.I miss those babies!Charlene's funny bee hive hair and that sweet sakura.Thanks to p.y's accompany these few days!
I want to go K-box and sing.
I want to go movie marthron.
I want to change my phone.
I want to go retail therapy.
I want to become dietitian.
All these need money but I have no spare money to spend!

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