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Monday, July 17, 2006

I just ate 3 bowl of shark fins for supper.
And I decided to shed 2kg for 1 week.Can I make it?
I met this bastard customer on saturday.He came and ask me about the product in a bossy, LOUD way.Then when I gave him a answer he don't like, he made a fuss in such a LOUD volume and making me so embarssing.
After that there came three customer at a go.They served each other and I stood and watched them serving.
I met this funny kid who claimed he was lost today.I bought him to the customer service and the people there commented so big still can lost.They fooled with him by trying to say the swab card machine is telephone since he requested a phone.But he is not an idiot after all, he snatched over the phone when the people wanted to him.They took away the phone and asked him to call them sister while I walked away, leaving themselves to settle.
Got alot of thing to do...
Slim down...eat too much supper and drink too much...
Clear bed...bra and panties lying around...
Bath...I haven't bath because I want to blog.
ICA...haven't even start yet...
Drug cards...going attachment soon...can't help...
Revise for exams...must study hard...
Save money...really broke...so had to work...
Buy contact lens...or else next month must wear specs...I don't think you want to see in that...
Buy black lace...so I can wear my pregant top...
Go tempoary tattoo my eye brows...tomorrow...
Anyway, I saw germs, mat and daniel these few days when working in tampines.Not bad after all...I can't Mat's children are so big.Germs was trying to find me but I find her first...come on, I stand there longer than her.Daniel showed me M1's reward for the day.
P.S.although I don't think you read my blog but I am still waiting for your reply.Don't force me to call you.

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