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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Early in the morning, I wake up very early.
Afternoon shift...this time not in nursery.Anyway, yen yee put my aeroplane today.I am not angry but too lazy to reply.
Saw placenta today.A bloodly body tissue with membrane.That c judge kept blocking me.I want to see, she kept moving and moving.
Was scrolling like those security guards in metro before suba and charlene go break.These two girls threw me alone.Didn't realize there was so many callbells until the ssn told me why no students answer callbell.And it was only today I realized there is a computer showing who press the bell in the ward.
Charlene and suba were darm funny.Firstly, they made fun of my "loh" because I like to add a "loh" behind all my sentence.
Suba and me decided to find the drug in the study guide.So we went to the tearoom to take and charlene saw us .We ran toward the tearoom and act liked we never saw her.After taking our books, we went to the toliet and suba tried not to let charlene come in.When charlene finally come in, I splashed water on her.Then the two of then act as some sort of police and pushed the toliet door.
Then there was a newly admitted patient same age as charlene.Charlene urged us to see the husband.After helping the patient with her menu, charlene even said in front of the hcl that we must chased away the visitors.My blue tag and the supposed to spoil mp3.My cute little bun which had tied and tied to make it stay.A portrait of me.Cindy's birthday.Finally eighteen, happy always!

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