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Monday, July 24, 2006

First attachment of second year.From green to blue tag.
I was still on bus around ang mio kio area at 7.46am.8am must be at ward!
Luckily, the lecturer was later than me.Anyway, ting, charlene their group came and joined us because their ward sister don't want them to mix with ite students as we were expected differently.
I was in nursery.A place only with babies patients.They were so cute!
Their daily routine is to sleep, eat, change and do check up.So simple, how I wish my life can be as simple as them(once use to be since I was there at the first moment I opened my eyes).
Thumb was the first to carry the baby to feed.Followed by suba, who changed the diaper for her patient.
It was my first time carry a few days old babies.So scary, keep asking them how and is my methods correct.
I choose those good babies, who drink their milk quietly and don't dirtied their diapers.
Didn't stayed there for the whole shift.
After lunch, we went for the orentation.As usual, bored to death.
Then we went tour around the area and went back discussed before dismissal.
Actually, I am very stress upon this attachment...don't know why.Just stress; can even quarrel with mum with small matter over dvd thingy.
Over = past= history, no use to ponder about it.Tomorrow will be better.

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