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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Taken on the last friday before my birthday.See the "J" keychain; it's from thailand and was bought by germ.Thanks!Ajisen ramen was just great but there was too little selection.That two japanese dolls were kissing away when I saw them.Taken during lecture on one fine day(?).Went to watch Fan Fan's campus concert on last friday with ah min, ting, hahhah, charlene and germ.We went to e-plaza before that.See how germ sat and how hahhah was so happy to see kangta's news.Fan fan had to come in on wheelchair.So noble indeed as not many singer will come after breaking leg.She is white and thin.Went harry's after the show.As usual, charlene didn't want to be taken and I felt so tire after three drinks.Ting was worst than me.Anyway, we went there a day before with jovell.Jovell just love peanuts.
Went to buy daniel's present yesterday with kat.The wasabi ice cream just made me feel like puking.I threw it away after few spoons.Since they had no idea what to buy for daniel he had to go and buy himself.Kat and me at east coast for cycling.I used to miss him every single night.Anyway, thanks renting the bicycle.And don't forget about my presents...this is message is for all of you.

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