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Saturday, August 12, 2006

[1] what's your name?
Tan Xiang Zhou but call me joy since I knew you don't know how to pronoun.
[2] how old are you?
[3] which skool are you from?
[4] when is your birthday?
4th july...a day for celebration
[5] status?
super bored.
[6] smoke?
[7] drink?
if I had money.
[8] cry when you are jealous?
not necessary
[9] hurt yourself when you felt you hurt ur loved one?
No way.
[10] hate yourself?
under depression period.
[11] type of stead?
change as time passes...skinny with cool eyes and hair for now
[12] food?
depend on mood
[13] place?
somewhere that rejunvate me
[14] tv show?
depend on mood...watching princess hours
[15] song?
my mood decides
[16] movie?
mood decides too
[17] season?
spring, I think...
[18] ice cream flavour?
mood decide...But I miss green tea ice cream now.
[19] sylvester or taufik?
[20] coffee or tea?
tea...ice lemon tea from S11..
[21] pink or blue?
[22] single or attached?
[23] best fren or stead?
both...can't decide...both will depart me one day.
[24] hug?
of course...I am kolar bear...
[25] how many diff ppl have you kissed?
what is the difference?ppl are human...same...
[26] love someone till you don't mind dying for him?
Answer when it come.
[27] showed attitude to your stead?
of course...this is what I am.
[28] run away from home?
if I have the money to survive outside on own
[29] the last person you called?
can't remember...all I did is sms.
[30] the last person who called you?
can't remember too...already sms generation
[31] who are the pple who can always cheer you up?
not sure
[32] how's your life nowadays?
fine...still alive and kicking
[33] what's in your mind right now?
how come this quiz no ending...
[34] who annoys you the most?
those who cheat me and make me excited first moment then extinguish it the next moment.
[35] what do you think about your love life right now?
you mean sex life?currently no...
[36] who's your favourite person to crap with?
according to the module of behaviour modification, people only crap with those who respond them.
[37] will you survive without love?
you mean now?
[38] what makes you happy?
not sure...sometimes little thing makes me happy and sometimes I demand for more.
[39] will it be a problem to you for having a very big crush on someone?
what do you think?
[40] do you really really love someone now?
if I am, I won't doing this quiz now.

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