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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's Singapore's 41th birthday.
Holiday for all people in Singapore.
I also celebrate but on 8th August.
With Ting somemore.
We were stunners!
Firstly, we shopped around plaza singapura for 1 hour plus plus just to settle our dinner.From, Carl Jr to subway to ajisen to subway to pizza hut then back to Carl Jr.
Then we went to get the superstar application form from SK jewellwey and the staff also crapped with us saying must come back if we get in.
We even lied to the man who appoarched us to fill in surveries saying we were from imh.Ting was diagnosed with schizophrenia while I was suffering from bipolar.
Bought a top and the salesgirls had to wait for us to pay the top.
Walked all the way to cinileisure to take neosprint.
Machine auto shut down when we wanted to use and last to left the shop.Paul will be very jealous to see this.But I am straight, not sure for ting.We love to chill out at night.The trend now is diva.Heart friend.What am I looking at?
We took some time to decide to watch my super ex-girlfriend.Not bad but a draggy.
I done stun again.I said na bei when I was rejected to go in the cinema.The most stun thing is not here but I didn't know why I said na bei to the staff.
Stun again when we were surrounded by all couples.
Bided to Ting as someone came to fetch her but not her dream guy.
Took nr1 to go and find pow yu but couldn't contact until I reached home.
Slept at 4am and woke up at 3 pm.But I still keen to sleep more.

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