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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Busy like a buzzing bee...
Mum bought a weighting machine.Thanks!Yen yee gave me this super kawaii wallet for my birthday.Thanks.Shall start using once attachment over.Still remember the day I slept from 6pm to 8am?That was the day my mum iron a hole onto my uniform.Didn't make a fuss as I was too sleepy to bother about it.
I haven't do my twenty five drugs.I am lazy bum bum.
Anyway, I met up gabriel for lunch yesterday.Turned up around 2pm when we were supposed to meet at 12.30pm because I woke up at 12pm.Dragged pow yu along.This gabriel was torturing me and mocking at me by saying I should go and buy an apple to put in my mouth so I looked like roasted pork.Fine!Then he pushed my head for no reason!No respect at all.Shall consider to go out with him next time.We settled lunch at cartel.The soft shell crab not nice!The service was terrible.Bided to gabriel and I go shopping again wih pow yu.
Pow yu and I decided to walk to suntec from plaza sing.Tried some dresses as we walked by the this fashion.Walked around marina square and suddenly have urge to cut hair.So we took train to tanjong pagar.Like no different-_-"'
Decided to exercise by scrolling along the road.And we reached chinatown.There is a shop called isle and the branchs were like just one street across each other.Saw a nice dress there but it didn't have the colour I want.Others designs look what the lecturer hosey wore to school.Pow yu had to go attend her family function so I asked zhao to watch movie with me.He choose this movie called miami vice and called vincent along.
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The movie was so draggy and I had no idea what they talking about.Must read subtitles.The climate came when they were trying to save the black's girlfriend.
Went home and saw my jiemei.He and vincent sent me home and zhao went home play majong.
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Camera whoring.
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Happy will do.

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