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Saturday, September 16, 2006

I went to watch the banquet on Thursday night.
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Kat was late and we couldn't find the 933 crew so we went up and down the escalator.Guess what?Daniel Wu came by the escalator!Anyway, we got the ticket and gone into the threatre.Anyway, it was quite a big event as I saw a number of mediacorp artists and that included bryan wang yan li.Not use to sit so front in the cinema.But there's a benefit.Daniel Wu and mary from 933 came in.The theatre very dark.
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He was just in front of me.Argh!The person in front of me!
The movie?The sound effect so good.Phone ringing like nobody's business.But the music not bad.The make up was a little bit...like geisha?In the end, all the main roles died.
Friday was the last day at 12D!
Assessed dressing by that piggy lecturer.I just simply don't like her.She has no respect for me.She said I am stupid and clusmy.How can a lecturer comment her student to such extent?Even those who was not under her can sense her favourism.She tried to make me a fool in front of people and made her superior.I really hate her.She made me want to tear.I hate her!She demoralise me!I hate her.She made me confuse.I hate her!And guess what?I heard that she was previously the laziest staff nurse in ward.
I went to donate blood with suba after work.Saw mee guk, who was a regular donater.Fill in the questonaire again.My sixth times filling up.Suba was rejected because of low hb but I finally can donate!
Well, the seat was far better than those we see in the roadshow booth.The nurse told me I had very fine veins(the needle seem to be bigger than my veins) and ask me whether I want even if there will be blueblack.I asked them to continue.
The injection of painkiller is pain but not the needle(thicker than the painkiller's needle).The nurse has to supervise me throughout the whole blood collecting process.And I saw alot of people left even those came after me!
Finally, a packet of blood was collected from me.However, my blood was blocked from the other "Y" connector.And the nurses showed me the old way of collecting blood.
I rest for more than 10 minutes with a packet of ice on my injection site.
Got my snack and went home.
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The bandge.
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The freebies.I hate iron tablets.
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Around 9pm...
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Today.A little bit hump.
I don't know why?My heart is in deep sorrow.I sms mao that I am not joinning them to celebrate shawn's birthday because I scare.But...I still want to go out.Don't want to stay in my shelf.

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