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Sunday, October 15, 2006

One of the things I do is to have green tea after meal.
After resting for a day, I worked like a robot again.
Went out with lao niang on Saturday night.I miss her alot ever since we got our last pay before my attachment.
It was our very first time to Gashouse and I think it would be my last time!
First of all, the location is not very good and the directory from internet didn't gave any help at all.
We walked around bugis.A nice lady gave us direction to nafa; she is very helpful!But that didn't end the story!
We found nafa but we cannot find the gashouse.Moreover, there are three campus and all being separated!We walked and walked, passed by a lot coffeeshop and hotels.The most funny part is lao niang(l.n) went to ask a security guard(s.g) for direction.
l.n:"Excuse me, where is middle road?"
s.g:"Middle road?!You walk straight then turn.That road is middle road"
l.n:"Ok, do you know where is gashouse?"
s.g:"Guesthouse?What is the address?"
L.n:"No,it is a cafe pub.Can you describe about middle road?"
S.g:"Middle road is the centre of singapore."
-_-"'--->expression on our face.
S.g:"In the past, there got people sell shoes and bags.Now you see alot of insitution like nit...."
And lao niang just thanked and dragged me away before he continued the story.
So we followed the s.g's instruction but cannot get what we want.
We ended up asking the $2.40 uncle for help.And he just drove for less than 5 minutes, we saw the venue.
The place is full of smoke.Everyone was wearing the smae thing.Luckily, I didn't wear this kind of style.The band performed was terrible.Scream and scream plus no accomodate with the music.Very big different from those japanese band group.The audience was super freezing as ice.Only a few angmo were dancing like nobody's business and I doubt them know what the singer was singing.
Sat there for less than thirty minutes and just left the place.
Wanted to dine at TCC but the waiters just wouldn't give us any attention that piss me to maximum and decided to just go.One waiter even thank us for coming there just to warm the seats!
Ended up having supper at the hk cafe nearby icon.But this didn't bought us down!We went to a pub opposite it to have a drink.
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This is
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lao niang
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aka annilism
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
aka reiko.
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She is not shy at all.
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Not scared of exposing her panties.
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This is so cool.
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And this too.
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This is my pretty face.xP
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And my self whoring photos.
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The drinks.
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And three shots of us!
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
And I will straight away drunk after drinking bacadi.I kept nodding the person beside as I fell asleep.And I decided to swapped place with him to sleep.I think I was drooling on bus.So disgusting!="(
And he ended up alighting the same stop as me.Oh my!!!

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