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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The word that I read from book today.Find it quite amusing.Maybe I was a vainpot too.Loves money until my uncle was saying I should have my lens change to the green dollars lens.
As I said , I am now a robot.I started work from 9am and ended at 8 plus withe 1 hour break in between.Like those female role in korean drama, work day to night and has very little sleep.As a result, I had very thick black eyes bags.I can now even fell asleep by my eyes within 3 minutes.And it was so embarssing that my head kept knocking the person sitting beside me on bus.
However, I just feel that my life is so meaningful.At least I know what I am leading and not staying at home facing the four walls, thinking some childish things.Everyday I wake up, I told myself I must earn as much as I can.And the feeling that I can use my own money is just simply great.Thanks god!
As a girl; sometimes I just wish there is a guy.But annilism remind that it's not easy to nurture a relationship, which I find it quite true.Someone told me that my first relationship happened is just because both kelvin and I were just too lonely so we made a try.I think also quite true.From youth to now, I always depend on others.Now, I am afraid it will happen again although no suitors for now.I am also very bad, I actually cause away "potential" suitors on me away if they are not up to my standards.Maybe I just don't want to waste any time on them and just don't want any dragging(I have terrible experience) in between by providing them with hopes that I give a darm.Even some quizs are saying that my expectations were too high that will cause me to be a loner.I don't want to be a loner when I die but neither I want my life to be sad.

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